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Anywhere my Light can send shadows into retreat is a good deployment.

Siegfried is a Human Titan who became the first member of his class to join the Praxic Order. He frequently worked with Aunor Mahal and was assigned by the Vanguard to assist Petra Venj in investigating the Wrathborn in the Dreaming City. During the Clash of the Chosen he assisted in operations against the Cabal in the Cosmodrome. He is partnered with the Ghost Ogden.


Hunting Sola[edit]

"It's affecting Ghosts now too. We should bring them back to the City. This makes five."
— Siegfried, noting the increasing levels of corruption amongst the Guardians

Siegfried partnered with Aunor Mahal to hunt down Sola Scath, a rogue Warlock who had ferried another Lightbearer out to one of the Darkness-associated gravitational anomalies moving along the outer regions of the Sol System. As the other Lightbearer had not returned with her, they suspected Sola of having killed them and sought to bring her in for questioning and holding for her crimes. During their confrontation with Sola she managed to shoot Siegfried through the heart, but Aunor managed to defeat her. Ogden revived him and began repairing his armor as Aunor interrogated Sola but was forced to put her down when the Warlock attempted to attack her once more. Aunor wondered if they should have Sola's Ghost revive her for more questioning, but Siegfried wiped the blood off his armor and noted that her initial answers seemed pretty clear. However, Sola's Ghost proved uncooperative as well, forcing Siegfried to send a bolt of Arc energy into it to temporarily disable it. As he picked up their captives to take back to their Jumpship, Siegfried worried that the recent corruption amongst Guardians was spreading now to their Ghosts. He suggested they take them back to The Last City and noted that Sola was the fifth one that had become corrupted recently.[1]

The Wrathborn[edit]

Beneath the Mists[edit]

"Well met, Awoken of the Reef. The Vanguard stands with you. I am the spearhead. Advance on me and we will prevail. I will not fail you."
— Siegfried addressing the Corsairs under his command

Shortly after returning to the Last City from a mission, Siegfried was secretly assigned by Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey to assist Regent-Commander Petra Venj in investigating a strange new Hive corruption in the Dreaming City.[2] Upon arriving in the Awoken city, Siegfried met with Petra and travelled with her in a skimmer towards the site of one of the mysterious Cryptoliths that had emerged. As they travelled, Siegfried noted he had never been in that region of the Dreaming City and was informed that much of the city had still not been seen by the Guardians. They began discussing the mission, with Petra handing him field notes she and her soldiers had taken on the threat they faced and warning him the Hive he would face were vicious. Dryly noting that he typically found that to be the case, Siegfried vowed that he would ensure no harm befell the Corsairs she sent with him and was sure they would have his back as well. He was concerned that the Hive corruption was affecting fauna and sapient beings and that it seemed to be spreading, questioning how the Awoken were combating it. Petra noted the corruption spread from a central artifact and explained they needed to examine it for answers before destroying it. Siegfried was not pleased with that, believing that any Darkness associated items should be destroyed, but acquiesced to her request as she had command of the mission while intending to recommend to the Vanguard eradication or containment for future operations. Petra noted the Vanguard seemed more focused on Europa and the Darkness there according to Eris Morn's reports, but Siegfried sternly declared the Hunter a traitor, causing Petra to snarl and state that Eris's aid suggested otherwise. The Regent-Commander noted that this deployment might be good for him by exposing other points of view, but Siegfried declared that any deployment where his Light might shine upon their enemies was good.[3]

Upon arriving at the staging grounds within the Divalian Mists, Siegfried and Petra briefed the six Corsairs under his command. Greeting them, Siegfried declared that the Vanguard stood with the Awoken and he would serve as their spearhead. Donning his helmet, he vowed not to fail them and began leading the advance towards the Hive caverns. The seven cut through scores of Thrall to advance and gain ground toward their objective. Eventually a Knight leading a group of Acolytes blocked their path. As the Corsairs dealt with the Acolytes, Siegfried engaged the Knight. He quickly produced two flashbang grenades and blinded his foe, narrowly avoiding a deadly sword strike. He then gathered Arc energy and launched himself into the Knight, destroying the Hive warrior. Halting to catch his breath, Siegfried noted the tunnels opened to a chamber ahead, which Ogden confirmed with a quick scan contained their target. He ordered the Corsairs to fall back and form a perimeter while he advanced alone, as the Light would protect him from the Hive's corruption, and warned them to retreat if he did not return.[4]

Siegfried tore through the mucus-seal blocking the entrance to the cavern and proceeded inside. Inside, he discovered a horrifying scene, as foul Hive fluids dripped from the ceiling around a twisted mid-metamorphosis Knight that was fused into a pillar of gore and tentacles. Expressing his disgust for the vile sight, Siegfried approached the Cryptolith as the Knight's eyes followed him. However, two Ogres emerged from next to the Knight from what he had assumed were chitin covered walls. He swiftly drew his Invective and cut down the first Ogre, but the second began assaulting him and hit him with its arm, sending the Titan into a nearby wall. As the Ogre began shooting a beam of energy from its eye, Siegfried brought up a barricade to protect himself. While the barricade held, the Ogre approached and Siegfried began gathering arc energy for a counterattack. The Ogre was suddenly staggered by a sniper shot which Siegfried traced back to a man perched in a tunnel entrance on the opposite side of the cavern. Three more shots brought the Ogre to its knees, and Siegfried took advantage of the assistance to finish it off by slamming it into the ground and bringing his arc-charged arms down upon its skull. Turning back to his savior, Siegfried saw the man was gone, and proceeded to spend the rest of the night gathering samples from the regenerating structure. Returning to Petra in the morning, he warned her about the regenerative abilities of the spire and shared his worries that it was an expansion of a large site before offering to narrow down the location of their next strike. The Regent-Commander thanked him and asked that he instead rest before they took the samples to the Techeuns the next day.[4]

Chasing the Crow[edit]

"Wait, Cro—mh."
"'Crome,' is it? Never heard of you.
— Glint and Siegfried during his confrontation with the Crow

After a night of fitful sleep, Siegfried awoke sore and tired from his battle. He warned Ogden away from the samples they had gathered, warning that they were corrupted and that he would prefer if the Ghost stayed stowed until they had finished their mission. Ogden noted that he had not been so rude when he was younger and countered that he could dismiss his concerns in return and worry about the Titan's own exposure to the corrupted material. Siegfried joked that those had been different times and that he was easier to replace than Ogden was. Rejoining Petra, they rode in silence to the temple in which the Techeuns awaited. He was annoyed that he would not be allowed inside to witness the examination and was unable to dismiss the horrifying sights from the previous day from his mind. Upon their arrival, he questioned if any other Guardians were operating in the area and described his savior, noting it was an Awoken man who bore the symbol of The Spider, whom he knew the Awoken had dealings with. Petra was unaware of any Lightbearers serving the Spider in such a manner and promised to look into the Spider's web. He handed her the samples and stated he looked forward to hearing of their findings. As he waited, Siegfried reflected upon how much he disliked relying on witchcraft he could not observe and wished they were faster. When Petra did emerge she requested he return to the staging ground as he was unneeded and there remained much to discuss, although she did ask him to relay to Ikora that a dream she had mentioned proved useful.[5]

Pleased to be done with the ritual and no longer carrying the samples, Siegfried enjoyed the view of the Dreaming City aboard the skimmer on his way back to the staging grounds. However, he soon spotted the Awoken Lightbearer who had aided him watching from a nearby wall and swiftly alerted the pilot before jumping out. Gliding on arc energy, Siegfried climbed the wall and spotted his target fleeing into the mists along the beach before pursuing.[5] The mysterious Awoken quickly eluded Siegfried, but as he turned around to head back he found himself staring into the barrel of a hand cannon wielded by his target, who demanded that Siegfried stop following him. As he raised his hands in surrender, Ogden materialized and Siegfried warned his friend to stay back. Ogden refused and stated he would not see two Lightbearers fight each other, which caused the Awoken's Ghost, Glint, to materialize and state they were all on the same side. However, a Corsair then appeared aiming a weapon at the Awoken and demanded that he surrender, causing him to swiftly disarm the Corsair as his Ghost called him "Crome". Siegfried noted he had never heard of him before and took this chance to attempt to disarm and subdue him, but although he landed a hit on the Awoken's face he failed to grab his gun.[6]

As Crome fled once more into the mists, Ogden commented that he was disrespectful and his behavior could not continue. Siegfried reassured his Ghost that he would not let it and pursued the Hunter. Taking to high ground, Siegfried ambushed Crome as he stopped, but missed with his Fist of Havoc. He deflected shots from his foe's hand cannon with bolts of Arc energy and the two engaged in hand-to-hand combat, with Crow utilizing a knife against him. Siegfried warned the Hunter he was outclassed, but Crome stated he was good taking punishment. The Praxic Titan offered him one chance to surrender, and as Crome insisted he would not and that he was just trying to help Siegfried charged at him. However, Crome tricked him into disarming him of his knife, which exploded in Siegfried's hand and allowed the Awoken to run. Infuriated at the trick, Siegfried smashed the ground and sent a wave of Arc energy toward Crome, but the Hunter utilized a Golden Gun to wound him. Disoriented from the blow, Siegfried stood to find his foe gone and regrouped with the Corsairs, with whom he spent the rest of the night searching for a trace of Crome.[6]

Clash of the Chosen[edit]

When Shaw Han sent a request to the Vanguard requesting reinforcements in combating the Cabal who were pressing the Vanguard's lines in the Cosmodrome of Old Russia, Siegfried was dispatched with Lord Saladin Forge and Shipwright Amanda Holliday to assist him. While the Iron Lord joined Shaw on the frontlines, Siegfried remained aboard Holliday's jumpship as it approached the battlefield and waited for the ground forces to clear out several machine gun nests. Once the path was clear, the jumpship flew over the Cabal's fortifications and Siegfried was launched as ordinance from it to strike into the Cabal's frontlines with the Fist of Havoc.[7]

The Nightmares Return[edit]

Siegfried would form up a fireteam composed of a Sunsinger from the Praxic Order, 4 Imperial Cabal Legionaries, and 2 Eliksni Splicers with an objective of sneaking inside the derelict Leviathan stealthily. They encounter an active robotic effigy of Emperor Calus. The robot comes alive after the first Eliksni Splicer finishes the splice on it, knocking it unconscious. Siegfried uses Solar Light in an attempt to destroy the robot, but fails. The Sunsinger unleashes its Super to enhance the accuracy of the Slug Rifles used by the Legionaries and convince the Eliksni Splicers to fight with their Shock Pistols. The combined fire of the Shock Pistol and the Slug Rifle stuns the robot, allowing Siegfried to finish it with his Hammer of Sol. He tells them that it's clear before the fireteam proceeds any further.[8]

Personality and traits[edit]

As a member of the dogmatic Praxic Order Siegfried held strict standards for Guardians and their interaction or association with anything related to the Darkness. He regarded Eris Morn as a traitor to humanity for her actions, including the embrace of Stasis, a belief that he was not afraid to voice directly to Eris's friend Petra Venj while working with her.[3]

During the Red War Siegfried grew a large beard, which was a rarity amongst Guardians. He liked it and kept it after the war ended. He styled his hair in a thick flaxen braid down the middle with the sides shaved. He wore a pair of polished Dunemarchers as part of his gear set and wielded a copy the shotgun Invective into battle.[3]

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