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The Sigil of the Striker
"The dream of the City. Its Walls keep it together. Its spears—the Strikers—are what keep it alive."
Commander Zavala

Striker is an Arc-based Titan subclass featured in Destiny and Destiny 2. This subclass of Titan is associated with pure offense and facing the enemy head-on and at melee range.

Notable Strikers[edit]

Upgrades (Destiny 1)[edit]

"At close quarters a fist is better than any gun."
— Class Description

Tier 1—Grenades[edit]

  • Flashbang Grenade—an explosive grenade that disorients the enemies it damages
  • Pulse Grenade—a grenade that periodically damages enemies inside its explosion radius
  • Lightning Grenade—a grenade that sticks to any surface, periodically emitting bolts of lightning

Tier 2—Movement[edit]

  • Lift—Jump and then press again while in the air to activate Lift
  • Increased Height—upgrades Lift to travel to greater heights
  • Increased Control—upgrades Lift for better directional control while in the air
  • Catapult—upgrades Lift to provide a strong initial burst of momentum

Tier 3—Super[edit]

  • Fist of Havoc—smash the ground and dissolve nearby enemies in a maelstrom of Arc Light
  • Aftermath—Fist of Havoc leaves a damage-dealing field in its wake
  • Death from Above—after jumping, Fist of Havoc can be aimed at enemies below
  • Shockwave—Fist of Havoc unleashes a wave of devastating energy which travels along the ground

Tier 4—Melee[edit]

  • Storm Fist—a punishing melee attack that deals bonus damage.
  • Overload—hits with Storm Fist have a chance to immediately reset its cooldown
  • Discharge—hits with Storm Fist deal area of effect damage around the target
  • Amplify—kills with Storm Fist significantly reduce the cooldown of Fist of Havoc

Tier 5—Training 1[edit]

  • Titan Codex I—training focused on battle recovery and toughness
  • Titan Codex II—training focused on speed and toughness
  • Titan Codex III—training focused on battle recovery and speed

Tier 6—Perks 1[edit]

  • Headstrong—sprinting increases the leap distance of Fist of Havoc
  • Aftershocks—increases the duration of Pulse Grenade, Lightning Grenade, and Aftermath
  • Transfusion—kills with Storm Fist or Shoulder Charge immediately trigger health regeneration

Tier 7—Training 2[edit]

  • Titan Codex IV—training focused on all attributes
  • Titan Codex V—training focused on maximum battle recovery
  • Titan Codex VI—training focused on raw speed

Tier 8—Perks 2[edit]

  • Unstoppable—you are harder to kill while using Fist of Havoc
  • Shoulder Charge—after sprinting for a short time, press to unleash a devastating melee attack
  • Juggernaut—after sprinting for a short time, gain a protective shield

Upgrades (Destiny 2)[edit]

Set 1 - Grenades[edit]

  • Flashbang Grenade−An explosive grenade that disorients enemies upon detonation.
  • Pulse Grenade−A grenade that periodically emits energy pulses that damage enemies within radius.
  • Lightning Grenade−A grenade that sticks to any surface and periodically emits pulses of lightning that damage enemies.

Set 2 - Movement[edit]

  • Increased Height−Upgrades Lift for higher vertical reach.
  • Increased Control−Upgrades Lift for more directional control.
  • Catapult−Upgrades Lift for a strong initial momentum burst.

Set 3 - Super[edit]

  • Fist of Havoc−Charge your fists. Once activated, you can shoulder charge or ground slam until Super energy is depleted.

Set 4 - Class Abilities[edit]

  • Towering Barricade−A large barrier that can be used for cover or to seal off dangerous areas for a short time.
  • Rally Barricade−A small barrier that can be peeked over while aiming down sights and instantly reloads your equipped weapon when taking cover.

Set 5 - Passive Path 1: Code of the Juggernaut[edit]

  • Frontal Assault−A powerful melee punch that increases weapon stability and damage.
  • Reversal−Melee kills trigger health regeneration.
  • Knockout−Breaking enemy shields or critically injuring enemies increases melee range and damage.
  • Trample−Kills with Fists of Havoc extend its duration.

Set 6 - Passive Path 2: Code of the Earthshaker[edit]

  • Seismic Strike−After sprinting for a short time, hurl yourself shoulder-first towards your target.
  • Aftershocks-Damaging enemies with Seismic Strike recharges your grenade.
  • Magnitude−Increases the duration of Pulse Grenades, Lightning Grenades, and Aftermath and gives you an extra charge.
  • Terminal Velocity-Fist of Havoc leaves behind a damage-dealing field in its wake and increases its damage the longer you are airborne.

Set 7 - Passive Path 3: Code of the Missile[edit]

  • Thundercrash-A modification of Fist of Havoc which sends you into the sky in a guided, missile-like attack which is able to be controlled to slam into enemies from far away.
  • Ballistic Slam-After running, jump into the air to slam into the ground.
  • Impact Conversion-Damage with Ballistic Slam and arc abilities gives super energy
  • Inertia Override-Sliding through dropped ammo will reload held guns and increase weapon damage for a short time

Melee Type[edit]

  • Arc-Based Fist Punch
  • Arc-Based Shouder Charge

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