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"Some of us know the difference a Fireteam makes. Some of us...we touch the Void. Make it a part of us. And then we take a name...Nightstalker. Hunt from the shadows, pin them down, never let them see you coming. "
The Sigil of the Nightstalker

Nightstalker is a Void-based Hunter subclass.


The Bladedancers deride us as slow. The Gunslingers say we lack precision. "How is that better than a knife?" "How is that better than a flaming pistol?" Well.

My boots sink inches into the ground with every step. My rebreather filters the stench out of the air, but my eyes sting like I'm showering with battery acid.

"We're almost there," my Ghost chirps. My jaw clenches. I know we're almost there, Little Light.

This vile marsh opens to reveal a black cave's maw. Inside, an infinite number of little green eyes flicker like bad stars. CRACK! I fire a single bullet into the air and the horde in the cave shrieks and runs out.

"This is it, you two." The Warlock and Titan leap from the bog behind me. A Bow appears in my hands, and I let a single binding shot loose from the shadow.

Now there are Orbs of Power everywhere. Eat, my friends. Eat.

Upgrades (Destiny 1)[edit]

"Draw from the Void. Light the way."
— Class Description

Tier 1—Grenades[edit]

  • Spike Grenade—a grenade that attaches to any surface and emits a torrent of damaging Void Light
  • Voidwall Grenade—a grenade that creates a horizontal wall of burning Void Light
  • Vortex Grenade—a grenade that creates a Vortex, continually damaging enemies trapped inside

Tier 2—Movement[edit]

  • Double Jump—jump a second time after leaving the ground
  • Higher Jump—upgrades Double Jump for even greater height
  • Better Control—upgrades Double Jump for better directional control while in the air
  • Triple Jump—upgrades Double Jump with a third jump

Tier 3—Super[edit]

  • Shadowshot—tether foes to a Void Anchor, slowing, weakening and suppressing them for you and your allies
  • Blood Bound—tethered enemies explode when killed. Damage to tethered enemies is shared to all
  • Black Hole—the Void Anchor has increased range, lasts significantly longer and can tether more targets
  • Quiver—fire Shadowshot up to three times. Void Anchors have reduced range

Tier 4—Melee[edit]

  • Smoke—throw Smoke to slow and disorient those trapped in its cloud
  • Envenomed—adds a toxin that damages enemies within Smoke
  • Vanish in Smoke—you and allies near Smoke explosions vanish from sight
  • Snare—allows Smoke to stick to surfaces, detonating when enemies are near

Tier 5—Training 1[edit]

  • Path Forgotten—training focused on toughness and speed
  • Path Forbidden—training focused on battle recovery and speed
  • Path Unknown—training focused on battle recovery and toughness

Tier 6—Perks 1[edit]

  • Courage of the Pack—killing tethered targets increases Recovery and Armor for you and nearby allies. Stacks up to 5 times
  • Light of the Pack—killing tethered targets creates Orbs of Light for your allies
  • Lockdown—grenade and Smoke effects last twice as long, allowing strong territory control

Tier 7—Training 2[edit]

  • Way of the Drifter—training focused on all attributes
  • Way of the Fearless—training focused on toughness at all costs
  • Way of the Nomad—training focused on maximum battle recovery

Tier 8—Perks 2[edit]

  • Keen Scout—sprint and Sneak faster, gain Enhanced Tracker and the ability to Mark targets you damage
  • Predator—the Void Anchors fired from Shadowshot become traps that stick to surfaces and wait for prey
  • Shadestep—press O, O (PlayStation) or B, B (Xbox) to evade

Upgrades (Destiny 2)[edit]

Nightstalker in Destiny 2.


  • Vortex Grenade: Creates a vortex that continuously damages enemies trapped inside.
  • Spike Grenade: Attaches to any surface and emits a damaging torrent of Void Light.
  • Voidwall Grenade: Creates a horizontal burning wall of Void Light.

Class Ability[edit]

  • Marksman's Dodge: Dodging automatically reloads your equipped weapon.
  • Gambler's Dodge: Dodging near enemies recharges melee energy.


  • High Jump: Upgrades Double Jump to reach greater height.
  • Strafe Jump: Upgrades Double Jump with better directional control.
  • Triple Jump: Upgrades Double Jump with an extra midair jump.


  • Shadowshot—Tether foes to a Void Anchor, slowing, weakening and suppressing them for you and your allies

Way of the Trapper[edit]

  • Snare Bomb: Throw a smoke bomb that attaches to surfaces and detonates when enemies are near, slowing and disorienting them.
  • Keen Scout: Gain increased sprint and sneak speeds, and an enhanced motion tracker. Tethered enemies are marked.
  • Deadfall: Shadowshot's Anchors have increased range and duration, and attach to surfaces to wait for prey.
  • Vanishing Step: Dodging makes you vanish for a short time.

Way of the Pathfinder[edit]

  • Vanish in Smoke: Throw a smoke bomb that makes you and nearby allies invisible for a short time.
  • Lockdown: Grenade and smoke bomb effects last twice as long.
  • Heart of the Pack: Killing tethered enemies creates Orbs of Light and increases Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery for you and nearby allies.
  • Moebius Quiver: Shadowshot can be fired in rapid succession and deal bonus damage to tethered enemies.

Way of the Wraith[edit]

  • Spectral Blades: A roaming Void super which grants invisibility with Truesight when cast and gives the player two void daggers which deal massive damage.
  • Corrosive Smoke: Melee ability which throws a smoke bomb that explodes in a line, damaging and slowing enemies from afar.
  • Flawless Execution: Scoring precision kills while crouched grants invisibility and Truesight.
  • Shattering Strike: Hitting enemies with a melee attack after triggering Flawless Execution weakens then and also reduces their damage output.

Upgrades Void 3.0 (Destiny 2: Witch Queen)[edit]





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