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"Take them out, Guardian. Make them pay."
Tevis Larsen
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Hunter (Nightstalker)


Tevis Larsen[1] was a sly Hunter who had the rare gift of calling out to the Void. He was a friend of Cayde-6, who described him as a "lying cheat". Apart from owing Cayde a large amount of Glimmer, Tevis was a well respected and revered member of the Nightstalkers, a Hunter subclass which uses the Void to quickly dispatch enemy forces.


At some point Tevis encountered Rasputin, and claimed that the Warmind told him he was not an ally of the Last City and did not care if humanity and the Traveler survived.[1]

Tevis was found dead in the Black Garden after his Ghost was trapped on the other side of a Warp Gate, leaving him to fend for himself, and was ultimately killed by the Vex. After finding the Nightstalker's corpse, the player gains the Nightstalker subclass (and the accompanying ability Shadowshot) from him in the story mission A Ranger Lost, before Cayde-6 tasks the player to kill all of the Vex in vengeance for his friend's death.[2]


  • "Rasputin isn't an ally. You hear me, blood? You find yourself thinking that, you shut it down. He may not be against us, but he doesn't care if you live, if the City lives, if the Traveler lives. Trust me. He told me himself." [1]
  • "Doesn't matter how good you are—you stay out there too long, you're not coming back. Not the same way you left, anyway." [3]
  • "Why is it golden? Well, let's see, what's the fundamental force we're dealing with here? Solar energy, right? Like, from the Sun? I swear, you kids come out of the Tower greener and greener every year. Why is it gold? Feh." [4]
  • "Don't believe Cayde. Half the things out of his mouth are lies, the other half are fibs. My favorite line of his? Oh, easy. He likes to say he stole the secret of stealth tech from Rasputin, and that's how Bladedancers learned the trick. Hah!" [4]

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