Sol Divisive

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Sol Divisive
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Worship the Black Heart
Defend the Black Garden

Axis Minds:

The Undying Mind
Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent
Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent
Eschaton Mind

At war with:

The Reef
House of Dusk
Hidden Swarm

Allied with:

Black Fleet
Sol Progeny


Black Garden
Vex Offensive


"They are not all mine, not in the way that admirers such as my man Oryx are mine: utterly devoted to the practice of my principle. But some of them have, nonetheless, found their way home."
— The Darkness

The Sol Divisive is a Vex collective located in the Black Garden that are the faithful protectors and worshipers of the Black Heart residing within it.[1]


The Ancient Past

The origins of the Sol Divisive are unclear, but it appears that at some point they diverged from the rest of the Vex Collective, which in general does not align itself with either the Light or Darkness, and indeed seeks to bring about a universe where neither one exists. The Divisive established themselves within the Black Garden, and began worshiping the Black Heart at its center.

City Age

A lone Guardian managed to enter the Black Garden, where they fought the Sol Divisive and encountered the Sol Progeny, a trio of Axis Mind Minotaurs seemingly imbued with power by the Black Heart. After a lengthy battle the Progeny were destroyed, in turn leading to the destruction of the Heart.

Months later, the Undying Mind awoke and attempted to seal the Black Garden off from the outside world once more, as well as to resurrect the Black Heart. The Guardians managed to destroy the Mind, but true to its name it returned from death shortly afterward, forcing them to fight it again and again over a period of years. This cycle was finally broken when the Red Legion destroyed the gate to the Black Garden in Meridian Bay, sealing the Garden and unintentionally fulfilling the Undying Mind's objective.

A second gate into the Black Garden was later discovered on the Moon, allowing the Guardians to invade the Garden and face the Sol Divisive once more. As of this time, the Garden had become home to the Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent and Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent, a pair of powerful Vex Axis Minds that seemed to have been warped and altered by an unknown force.

The Undying Mind would be fought once more by the Guardians and finally destroyed for good, preventing the Black Heart from being resurrected.


They can be identified by their green, moss-covered frames and ring-like attachments on their heads. The moss on their bodies shows that they have been in stasis for quite some time, apparently frozen in rapture by some unknown revelation.[2] There is little information on the purpose or goals of the Sol Divisive, but what precious insight has been gleaned suggests that these Vex behave religiously and are central to Vex actions in the solar system.[3]

In Season of the Undying, the Sol Divisive launched invasions across the Moon, led by thousands of copies of The Undying Mind itself, in an effort to secure entry into the Black Garden itself from the Guardians.[4] After months of Guardian operations to destroy the copies of The Undying Mind, their invasions ended, but some Sol Divisive Vex remained.

Notable members

Major Axis Minds

Axis Minds


Sol Divisive


Destiny 2


  • The name "Sol Divisive" may refer to this collective being associated with the Sol System specifically, and to it being set apart from the greater Vex collective by its worship of the Darkness.
  • The Vex of the Sol Divisive are the first type of Vex of any kind to appear on Luna in the entire Destiny series.
  • According to the Aspect Lore book, other Vex collectives avoid the Sol Divisive, and on occasion even fight them.[5]

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