Persys, Primordial Ruin

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Persys, Primordial Ruin
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Sol Divisive


Axis Mind



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Spire of the Watcher


VoidS.png Warp Lance


Summon Vex
High Durability
Immunity Shield
Fan Shield
ArcS.png Blinding Gravity Slam
KineticS.png Temporal Shockwave


Persys, Primordial Ruin is a Vex Wyvern of the Sol Divisive encountered as the final boss of the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon. It is one of the two Sol Divisive minds sent by The Witness to infiltrate the Ares Spire and send it into overload after stealing its data.[1]


Upon reaching the Seraph Reactor Core of the Ares Spire, the Guardian will see Persys attempting to overload the reactor. Any stray shot hitting its chassis or getting too close will instigate the encounter, causing Persys to turn around and begin approaching the team. Upon Persys entering the main room, the door it came through will shut and Vex reinforcements will arrive, which include legions of Goblins, flocks of Supplicants, and two Incarcerator Hydras, one being on each side. Upon the destruction of the Hydras, Conduit Minotaurs will begin spawning where the Hydras spawned. These must be destroyed to get the "Arctrician" buff. Then, the Guardians with the buff must quickly shoot all five nodes with red wires, with four being on each of the four main pillars and the fifth being right above the gate where Persys walked through at the start. Upon completion of this, the gate and the yellow wire nodes will open. Two yellow wire paths must be completed, and upon completion, the reactor will begin purging. Persys must be lured into the reactor core room, or the purge sequence will deactivate. Doing this before completion of the second yellow wire path is advised.

While Persys is in the core room, the red nodes will open again, allowing them to be shot and the gate to once again be closed, sealing Persys inside. Once the core finishes charging and begins to purge, Persys will be forced to absorb the dispersed radiation, deactivating its shield and dealing minor damage to it, along with causing the gate to open again. Persys will then begin to charge the team, now vulnerable, for about ten seconds before it reactivates its shield and the cycle repeats until it is destroyed.



Spire of the Watcher


  • Persys' name derives from the Greek Titan Perses, who was the Titan of destruction.
  • Persys is the first Sol Divisive Wyvern encountered in the Destiny series.