Pagouri, Beloved by Calus

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Pagouri, Beloved by Calus
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Sol Collective
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The Menagerie


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Summon Vex
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Summon Seekers
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"Do you even see your enemies as you cut them down? You will see this one. I've made sure of it."
Emperor Calus

Pagouri, Beloved by Calus was an extremely powerful Vex Hydra who served as one of the weekly-rotating final bosses of The Menagerie activity. It was one of Emperor Calus's favorite specimens within his Menagerie aboard the Leviathan, where he let it lurk in the Menagerie Depths.[1]


Pagouri will reveal itself to the players, at which point it can be damaged, before retreating to its shield barrier. Much like Brakion, Genesis Mind, Pagouri can shoot through the shield in an attempt to eliminate any opposing Guardian. To neutralize the barrier, players must defend any active Sync Plate. The team must also fend off any Vex belligerent, for if a Vex unit steps on the plates, then progress on the plate will be impeded. Once the shield is successfully bypassed, Pagouri will teleport to the plate that last activated. There, the team can deal damage to the boss. Pagouri can defend itself in 3 ways: with ads left alive after the Sync Plates, its Aeon Maul, or its Harpy Seekers, which it will occasionally spawn to harass and eliminate any aggressor. Players will have about 40 seconds to damage the Hydra before it retreats back to its shield. The more health lost, the more ads to deal with, especially Major Minotaurs, Harpy swarms, or Cyclopses providing overwatch for the sync plates. More health lost also means more plates to activate to draw out the Hydra. The encounter ends with the death of the boss.



  • Pagouri's head is identical to those of Precursor Hobgoblins. Its "horns" also resemble those of Quria, Blade Transform.
    • Leading up to the release of Season of Opulence, some members of the community even believed that it was Quria.
  • Pagouri is translated from Greek, meaning "hermit crab".
    • This could allude to how it hides within its Shield Barrier, as well as its "shy" personality.
  • Pagouri is one of if not the only non Taken Hydra seen without at least one permanent rotating barrier around itself.

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