Subjugated Curator

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Subjugated Curator
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The Lost Splicer


Torch Hammer
Vex Laser Rifle
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Summon Vex
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Temporal Shockwave


Subjugated Curator was a powerful Vex Minotaur that is encountered as the final boss of The Lost Splicer Mission. It served as the protector of its own domain within the Outer Nexus, before it was destroyed by the Guardian and its data core was recovered as the Paradrome Cube seasonal artifact.[1]

The core is later studied by Mithrax, Kell of Light in an effort to purge the Endless Night.[2]


After traversing the Vex Network and fighting through several defenders, where Mithrax will instruct you to destroy the Subjugated Curator and to take the code contained within its core. You will then arrive at the final boss arena, where the entrance will become sealed by a gate. The Curator will then spawn to defend its domain, along with multiple Vex reinforcement to assist in repelling the attack. The Minotaur utilizes a Torch Hammer in the first phases of the fight, which it uses to continuously bombard the player with Void projectiles from across the area. It is also capable of firing Slap Grenades; an ability most commonly used by Hobgoblins. If it is stunned while preparing one of these grenades, the Curator will drop it and it will explode at the boss's feet.

The Minotaur will retreat further into the arena as it sustains more damage, whilst summoning more Vex to provide support against the player. Once it has lost a significant amount of health, it can teleport to a platform in the air at the far end of the area, where it will switch to using a Laser Rifle, which can reach the player from long distances with its void beam. The Curator will return to the arena when it is close to death, switching back to its original weapon, where it can easily be finished off for good. You will then receive the Paradrome Cube for defeating the massive Vex Mind, after which, the full network will become aware of your intrusion and Mithrax will tell you to flee.


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