Witch's Eye, Keeper of Memory

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Witch's Eye, Keeper of Memory
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Lucent Brood





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Altar of Reflection: Catalyst


Summon Hive
High Durability
Shrieker Bolts
Brief Immunity


The Witch's Eye, Keeper of Memory is a powerful Hive Shrieker of the Lucent Brood that watches over and protects the Altar of Reflection. It serves as the final boss of the Altar of Reflection: Catalyst Mission.[1]


After making your way from the puzzle room main hall of the Altar of Reflection, you will encounter the Witch's Eye. When it spawns, a large wave of Hive reinforcements, as well as a Lucent Archivist Knight, will rush to assist the shrieker in repelling the intruder. The Eye is capable of continuously fire a long-ranged, spiraling stream of Void bolts at anything in its gaze, forcing its you to take cover before it completely drains your health. It will call upon more Hive allies throughout the duration of the battle, as well as teleport to other parts of the arena; specifically to the left, right, and far end. When its shell is closed, the Shrieker is completely immune to all attacks, forcing you to get closer and grab its attention before you can deal damage to it. However, its health can be drained quickly enough, so long as you take cover from its void projectiles and make sure to deal with the surrounding enemies. Once the Eye has been destroyed and the other Hive enemies have been eliminated, the entrance to the main Altar room will open, allowing you to enter and view a message left behind from Savathûn, the Witch Queen, for when she had died.


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