Heimiks, Warden of the Harvest

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Heimiks, Warden of the Harvest
Biographical information







Combat information


Birthplace of the Vile


VoidS.png Scorn Rifle


Smoke Dash
Summon Scorn
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Teleport Players
Immunity Shield
Ether Totem (SolarS.png Ether Torch, VoidS.png Ether Shield and ArcS.png Ether Bind)
KineticS.png Ultra Smash


Heimiks, Warden of the Harvest is a Scorn Raider that appears as the final boss within the Birthplace of the Vile Strike. Set to act as the warden of Harvest, they were commanded to lead the Scorn garrison in the Dark City, as well as to oversee the Disciple's experiments and growth of the Worms in Savathûn's Throne World.[1]


Heimiks appears armed with a Scorn Rifle and reinforcements at the start of the fight. While they are a Raider, Heimiks can summon Ether Totems, similar to that of a regular Chieftain. It is also worth noting that Heimiks is surprisingly agile, despite its large stature, so keep an eye on their movement throughout the battle. After losing a third of his health, he will teleport the Guardians out of the arena, forcing them to find and kill a Portal Warden to get back to them.

Heimiks is incredibly aggressive for a Strike boss and will constantly try to find openings to charge in and attempt an ultra smash. They also are very intelligent with their totem placements, setting Solar totems near choke areas and cover to flush Guardians into the open, Arc totems in open areas to ensure any Guardian running by is kept in the open to be damaged more, and Void totems are placed perfectly to defend themselves and primarily any Champions in the arena, if applicable.

Heimiks is a slippery opponent, hard to land consistent precision hits on thanks to their fast speed and small critical spot. Reliance on non-critical yet high damaging or at least consistently damaging weapons like rocket launchers, grenade launchers, auto rifles, shotguns, and fusion rifles are recommended. Along the weapon choice, finding a way to weaken and deal critical damage through the use of melting point, Tractor Cannon, volatile rounds, and Shadowshot are all very useful, along with helping control the endless swarms of reinforcements they summon.


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