Blood Cleaver

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Blood Cleaver
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Red Legion







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WANTED: Blood Cleaver


Cabal Severus


Suppression Dome
Blindness Effect
Berserker Charge
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Deploy Scorpii
Summon Beasts


"Please make these distractions vacate my premises!"
— Asher Mir

The Blood Cleaver is a unique Ultra Gladiator that escaped from the Prison of Elders to a remote cave on Io. He is featured as the main boss of the WANTED: Blood Cleaver Adventure, which is sold by The Spider for 5 Ghost Fragments. Unlike a lot of his Red legion brethren, The Blood Cleaver would be successful in securing a Lost Sector for himself and his forces, yet they would still fall to the Guardian regardless.


Upon entering the final area of the Lost Sector, the Blood Cleaver will spawn an impenetrable shield around him, which will suppress the player if they enter and prevent them from shooting. Grenades or Supers need to be used to break a generator in the middle, or pulse rifles thanks to their burst ability that allows them to be fired outside the shield and still shoot while walking inside. Once the generator breaks, several Scorpii will spawn, with one yellow bar dropping a Scorpius core when killed. This core needs to be slammed in the middle to drop the shield and start the damage phase. After the boss has taken enough damage, the shield will rise again and the process will repeat until he's killed. War Beasts will also spawn with regular intervals, including the unique Hound of the Cleaver variant, and need to be dealt with quickly, since they can overwhelm a player if they are not killed immediately.

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