Bracus Gu'ulan, Shamed Legionary

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Bracus Gu'ulan, Shamed Legionary
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Cabal Deserters





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Haunted Sectors


SolarS.png Power Slug Thrower
ArcS.png Cabal Cluster Missiles


Blinding Effect
Slowness Debuff
Summon Cabal
High Durability
Immunity Shield
KineticS.png Quake


Bracus Gu'ulan, Shamed Legionary is a powerful Cabal Colossus at the rank of Bracus that was introduced during the Festival of the Lost Event in 2022. They are encountered in the Haunted Sector based in the Flooded Chasm on Earth.[1]


Bracus Gu'ulan appears in the Flooded Chasm as the boss of the Haunted Sector that takes place there. After the five minute timer has ran out, head over to the crashed Drop Pod in the center of the arena to commence the boss fight. The Colossus comes wielding a Power Slug Thrower, capable of rapidly firing at and quickly draining the health of its target. They are also equipped with a missile pack that fires swarms of homing rockets, creating slowness fields upon impact to make players more vulnerable to attacks. The boss possesses a concussive stomp attack that will cause heavy damage to anyone caught in its radius, and can teleport throughout the arena to evade combat or chase after players.

Upon losing a third of their health, Gu'ulan will activate an immunity shield and call upon a large platoon of Legionaries to provide backup. The boss's defenses can only be breached with Pumpkin Charges; several of which will drop from killing the Headless Ones that can be summoned at this point in the fight. They will also spawn at the Drop Pod in the event that the timer on the Summoning Rituals run out before they can be complete. After you have broken through the Colossus's shield, they will be left vulnerable an the battle will continue. The Bracus will gain a second immunity shield and summon more reinforcements once they are down to the last third of their health, however, forcing players to repeat the process one more time before they can finish them off. Once the boss has been disposed of, the activity will be complete, and you may claim your rewards from the chest that spawns.




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