Lenurae, Subjugator of Fluxion

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Lenurae, Subjugator of Fluxion
Phase 1
Lenurae, Subjugator of Fluxion (first phase).jpg
Phase 2
Biographical information


The Dread


Subjugator (Omen)





Combat information


StasisS.png Subjugator Glaive


StasisS.png Crystalline Quatrain
StasisS.png Crystal Shatter
StasisS.png Shatterstorm
KineticS.png Crater
Enlightened Rage
SolarS.png Resonant Harrier
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield


Lenurae, Subjugator of Fluxion is a Subjugator, specifically a Omen, summoned by the Witness to destroy the Guardian.


Lenurae, Subjugator of Fluxion is summoned by the Witness alongside other Dread units at the beginning of the encounter. Similar to other Subjugators, it will become enraged upon losing half of its health and begin to charge towards the Guardian and bring fourth it's Immunity Shield shortly after losing further health. To destroy the Immunity Shield, the Guardian must interact with Darkness seeds to gain the Shielded from Darkness buff, giving them the ability to walk past resonance barriers. They then must walk through the barrier to retrieve the Aegis and use it to pierce Lenurae's shield. Once it's shield is destroyed, they must run to the pool of Light and use the Aegis's shield to defend themselves against the Witness's attack. When the attack is over, the Guardian must slay Lenurae to summon fourth a sword. They must then destroy the lock and give themselves to Darkness to enter the Witness's consciousness to destroy the first statue. Lenurae will reappear when the second statue has been destroyed, now possessing very little health. It must be slain once again to summon the sword and return to the Darkness to destroy the third statue.