Dimio, Oppressive Mind

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Dimio, Oppressive Mind
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Dimio, Oppressive Mind Reborn




Sol Collective





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Expunge: Tartarus
Expunge: Corrupted Tartarus


Aeon Maul


Summon Vex
Summon Taken (Corrupted Tartarus)
High Durability
Rotating Shields
Midair Levitation
Hydra Death Blast


Dimio, Oppressive Mind was a powerful Vex Hydra that served as the final boss of the Expunge: Tartarus Mission. It also governed over the Tartarus domain and maintained the Endless Night through its subroutines.[1]

The Hydra was later brought back by Quria, Blade Transform, after being destroyed by the Guardian. It was encountered once again in Expunge: Corrupted Tartarus, under the name Dimio, Oppressive Mind Reborn, where it finally met its end.[2]


Dimio can be found at the very end of the Expunge: Tartarus mission, as well as the Corrupted variant. After you have traversed the Vex Network, you will arrive at the final arena, where you must hack into a Conflux. Doing this will cause you to become trapped in a detainment field. The Oppressive Mind will be alerted to you presence, and will appear to eliminate the intruder. Like other Hydras, Dimio possesses three shield barriers that rotate around it, which will block any projectiles that hit them. It is also armed with Aeon Maul cannons on both sides of its hull, and it will rapidly fire powerful Void blasts that can wipe you out quickly if you fail to evade them.

The Oppressive Mind will be surrounded by a defensive shield upon losing a third of its health, rendering it immune to all attacks. In order to disable it, you must first stand in the white ring located at the entrance. This will grant you the "Stabilized Security Access" buff, which can stack up to 32. This buff will allow you to destroy the two shield generators on the left and right-hand sides of the arena. However, this buff will decrease by one every second. If it runs out, you will not be able to damage the generators until you have replenished it. Vex reinforcements will also spawn at on both sides of the arena to defend them. Once both targets have been taken out, Dimio's defenses will be lowered and you may continue the fight.

You will have to repeat this after you have lowered its health by another third, when it teleports to a further platform and raises another shield. This time, however, large disintegration walls will begin sweeping through the arena. If caught in one of these walls, your health will drain rapidly, so it is best to stay on the move whilst pay attention to your surroundings. After its defenses have once again been disabled, Dimio will be left vulnerable, allowing you to finish it of and complete the mission.

When playing on the Corrupted variant of the mission, the Vex enemies are replaced with Taken. Blasting traps will also appear on the walls, which can launch you off the platforms and to your death if you do not watch out for them.


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