Scream of Xivu Arath

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Scream of Xivu Arath
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Xivu Arath's Horde





Combat information




Summon Hive
Summon Taken
ArcS.png Darkness Blast
KineticS.png Cloud of Darkness
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Rapid Flight
SolarS.png Absorption Shield
Drop Corrupted Coral


The Screams of Xivu Arath are powerful Hive Wizards of Xivu Arath's Horde. They attempted to use Darkness-infused Egregore Coral in a ritual to Take the fugitive Worm Ahsa, who they had trapped in the Hadal Sunken Shelf. The Coalition sent a large task force, led by The Guardian, coordinated by the Drifter and featuring Zavala, Saint-14, Sloane and Saladin Forge with his Iron War Beasts, who managed to stop the Wizards and free Ahsa.


The Screams of Xivu Arath are the final bosses of the Barotrauma Mission. The three Wizards will hover over a ritual Hive circle protected by immunity shields, and one at a time will pause the ritual to confront the player. The Wizards fight much like other Wizard Ultras, frequently casting Clouds of Darkness and bombarding the player with Darkness Blasts, and are also protected by Solar Absorption Shields, though not very durable. The first Scream initially summons numerous Hive reinforcements and an Eye of Xivu Arath, and continues calling forth Thralls and Cursed Thralls, resummoning this larger wave once it reaches half health. Upon the death of a Scream, it will drop a Corrupted Coral sphere, which must be deposited in a nearby machine to purify it. Picking up the Coral will prompt a Shrieker to appear, and depositing it will make the encounter progress, awakening another Scream. The second and third Screams will summon increasingly numerous and powerful foes, but the player will be joined by two Iron War Beasts led by Tuk'rin, Iron War Boss to help stem the final wave. Depositing the last Scream's Coral will prompt the enemies to despawn and end the mission.


  • The shields of the Screams of Xivu Arath appear in a glitched state, around four times the size of a regular shield.


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