Likeness of Nokris

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Likeness of Nokris
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Biographical information

Other names:

Deceived Likeness of Nokris




Drifter's Taken




Taken Wizard

Combat information


The Reckoning (Tier I)
Gambit Prime


High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
SolarS.png Dying Star
KineticS.png Whispered Ward
Summon Shadowbeasts


The Likeness of Nokris was a unique Taken Wizard encountered in Tier I of the Reckoning. It also appeared as a possible Primeval in Gambit Prime as the Deceived Likeness of Nokris. As its name suggests, it resembled a Taken version of Nokris, and exhibited similar attack and movement patterns.[1]


The Likeness of Nokris was never a Hive, instead being created as a Taken by Drifter via his haul and sheer force of will. The sentience of the Likeness of Nokris is unknown, along with any possible gender, motives, or how truly subservient to the Drifter it was.


In the Reckoning the Likeness of Nokris appears after the participants achieve 100% dominance within the arena. The Likeness fought very similar to its Hive counterpart with the exception of that it instead of summoning Acolytes, it summoned Shadowbeasts. Meanwhile in Gambit Prime it is one of many Primevals that could appear after the bank was filled. It shares all of its traits with its Reckoning counterpart except now with a barrier that could only be temporarily taken down by killing three Envoys.



  • The Likeness of Nokris is one of several Taken enemies that does not appear to have originated as a non-Taken; other examples include the Likeness of Oryx and Shadow Thralls.

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