Likeness of Oryx

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Likeness of Oryx
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Drifter's Taken



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The Reckoning (Tier 3)


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
KineticS.png Counterfeit Gaze
KineticS.png Rage of Oryx
VoidS.png Darkness Blast


"#1315 has harnessed his "banks" to what appears to be an engine of pure potential. He no longer needs to pilfer the Ascendant Plane of Primevals, the oldest Taken in residence. He can create Primeval-likes from the energy of "the haul" and sheer force of will. As to the apparent presence of #2015, it is a falsehood. My handlers in the Praxic Order surmise simply: the shape of Oryx was the scariest Hive he could think of. He's tenacious, but he has a small mind."
— Praxic Warlock Aunor Mahal

The Likeness of Oryx is a Taken entity encountered in Tier III of the Reckoning. As its name suggests, it resembles a Taken version of Oryx, the Taken King (more specifically an Echo of Oryx) and exhibits similar attack and movement patterns.


The Likeness of Oryx's main means of attack is launching volleys of Void Darkness Blasts, and blasting foes that move close with a Rage of Oryx knockback attack. It usually flies around the arena at considerable speed, making itself a difficult target. Frequently, it will teleport over one of the hemispheres in the arena and charge a Counterfeit Gaze attack, a miniature version of Oryx's Doxology, which will merely deal enormous damage instead of wiping the team, unless the Likeness gets stunned. On top of that, the Likeness of Oryx constantly summons supporting Taken, notably Consumed Ogres that can also inflict very high damage.


  • The Likeness of Oryx is one of few Taken enemies that does not appear to have originated as a non-Taken; other examples include the Likeness of Nokris and Shadow Thralls.

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