Tazaroc, the Sun Eater

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Tazaroc, the Sun Eater
Biographical Information




Red Legion


Psion Flayer




Female [1]

Combat Information


The Sundial


Projection Rifle


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Psion Melee
Immunity Shield
Summon Psion Commanders
Solar Seekers

" But why not go back further? To dash the whelp's skull in the pit, before he crawls out onto a throne?"
— Tazaroc stating her ambitions with the Sundial

Tazaroc, the Sun Eater is a Psion Flayer seen serving the Red Legion hidden within Mercury's future. A co-leader along with her sisters Ozletc and Niruul, she represents Solar energy and is the middle sibling her family. She serves as the third boss among the rotating bosses of The Sundial.



Tazaroc will spawn from her rift once the console is activated. She will remain open to damage for most of the fight, but will use her Projection Rifle and guards to defend her. She also can melee a target with an additional knock-back ability to counter any melee-based attacker. On occasion, she will cast her Psionic Powers to conjure a volley of highly volatile Solar Seekers that can decimate a Guardian's health. Due to their high damage output, this attack should be avoided; so the Fireteam should seek cover from the direction these explosive rounds are coming from or try and strafe these bolts. Once a third of her health is lost, she will call for Psion Commanders to come to her aid, shielding her from all fire as well as calling for more resilient back-up. The shield must be destroyed by eliminating the Psion Commanders in the area in a similar fashion to how a Councilor is supposed to be killed. Once all Commanders are killed, Tazaroc will be open to damage once again.


  • Tazaroc, along with her siblings, are the first antagonists to be a Psion.
  • She is the second-born among her sisters, also being the most impatient and considered the hungriest.
  • Unlike most Psions, Tazaroc's horned helmet features a single horn as opposed to the two-horned and circular ring norm.


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