Hiraks, the Mindbender

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This article is about the Baron. For the Adventure, see Target: The Mindbender.
Hiraks, the Mindbender
Biographical Information

Other Names:

The Mindbender
Hiraks, the Brain
Hiraks Ascendant


Eliksni Homeworld




House of Exile (formerly)
Scorn (currently)
Hive (allied)




Ultra Chieftain




12' (Physical World)
30' (Ascendant World)

Combat Information


Target: The Mindbender


Scorn Boomer


Portal Travel
High Durability
Summon Hive
Ultra Smash

"Never heard of the Mindbender? Surprise. That’s just how he likes it."
— Cayde-6[1][2]

Hiraks, the Mindbender[3], is a Hive obsessed Baron of the Scorn, and an Ascendant Eliksni.


As a Dreg of the House of Exile, Hiraks was weak and timid and fell into the Hellmouth on the Moon. He emerged changed, obsessed with in the study of Hive and incomprehensible in his speech as he mumbled their language. Some say he learnt from The World's Grave or from the shrines or through unutterable language, only Hiraks knows. Years later, Hiraks found the means to become Ascendant and form his own throne world within the Ascendant realm. He also gained a reputation for his ability to unravel his enemies' minds and take command over the Hive.

As the mastermind of the Great Crow Heist, Hiraks trapped and converted Prince Uldren's Crows with his powers, using them to help engineer mistrust between the Reef and Earth. He was also responsible for experiments on Asteroid 128 Nemesis, where his actions caused the asteroid to shift between our dimension and the Ascendant realm.[1]

Before Cayde-6 and his Six imprisoned him in the Prison of Elders with the other Barons, Hiraks took In Anânh, Brood Queen as his consort and a Knight as his Familiar. He apparently attempted to infuse In Anânh's Hive with Ether, but only succeeded in poisoning them, he would use a more "copulating" method to accomplish this.[4]

The Minderbender, Hiraks

A year after the events of the Red War, Uldren Sov freed him along with the other Barons, and worked together to orchestrate a massive breakout from the Prison of Elders. After the murder of Cayde-6 at Uldren's hands, Hiraks fled the scene alongside the Prince and his fellow Barons and went to the Tangled Shore. He has the ability to summon Hive combatants and wields a Knight's Boomer in battle. He reigns over a throne world, which is identified only as "Ascendant Plane".


Hiraks mainly fights The Guardian with his Scorn Boomer, which has a faster cyclic rate and greater range than a typical Hive Boomer. The explosive Arc bolts discharged from the weapon can quickly blast through a Guardian's shield and health. He will stomp the ground at close range, knocking players back a significant distance and dealing massive damage to them in an instant. In addition, he is backed by Hive units instead of Scorn, and will use Void Ether-Shields to completely negate all damage dealt to him as well as his reinforcements. Occasionally, he will run through a Hive portal and appear on the other side to both summon more Hive backup and flank the player. The main weakness of Hiraks is his slow movement, making it possible to outmaneuver him in combat.


The Mindbender

The Mindbender's Hive


  • The Mindbender is the first enemy observed working with a race they are at war with.
  • He is the first Fallen ever seen to have mastered the power of the Ascendant realm and carved his own throne world from it. However he is not the first Fallen to experiment with the Hive as Kovik, Splicer Priest infused SIVA into his monster.
  • His past of being forced to survive amongst the Hive for years within the Hellmouth is very similar to that of Eris Morn. They both also were physically changed, with Eris having to steal an Acolytes' eyes, while Hiraks appears to have either grown or grafted Hive-like horns onto his armor.
  • Hiraks is technically the largest and tallest of the Scorn Barons, easily towering over them and even Hive Ogres, however he only appears like this inside of his throne world.
  • Hiraks could be the only Scorn Baron that doesn't speak English. However it is unknown if the Hangman and the Rider speak English as they have only been observed growling and roaring.
  • In a similar vein to Oryx, whose real-world namesake is a genus of African antelope, a Hyrax is a small African rodent-like mammal. This naming pattern may or may not be intentional on the part of the developers.

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