Atraks-1, Fallen Exo

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Atraks-1, Fallen Exo
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Atraks-1, Fallen Exo
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Atraks, the Wildcard







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House of Devils (formerly)
House of Salvation



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Dark Council Member
First Fallen Exo

"I cast off my carapace to be reborn, just like our glorious Riis."
— Atraks-1

Atraks-1, Fallen Exo (formerly known as Atraks, the Wildcard) is a Fallen commander from the House of Salvation. She is a Baron serving for Eramis, Kell of Darkness and a member of her inner council.

She was ordered by Eramis to secure the Deep Stone Crypt, where she uploaded her consciousness into an Eliksni-based Exomind; able to duplicate herself into multiple Replication copies.


Early History[edit]

"I am Atraks, the Wildcard, and I have been charged by my Kell to speak to the youth of the Eliksni. Those who, like me, have never known a life that wasn't wandering. Who have no memories of Riis, only tales of glorious cities under glowing green skies passed down from our elders."
— Atraks.[1]

Following the collapse of Riis from the Whirlwind, the Eliksni left their homeworld and sought salvation by desperately chasing the Great Machine through space for centuries.[2] Within the long dark flight, the Eliksni raised their clans and offspring in their starships and turned them into family homes.[3] Atraks was among a new generation of Eliksni that were born in space and regarded to be unlucky as they had no memories of Riis apart from knowledge retold in stories.[1]

Demise of the Devils[edit]

A Ketch belonging to Atraks-1
"You are too young to remember the old house. What the Devils were before."
— Eramis

Following the escape of Eramis from the Prison of Elders, the Baroness returned to the remnants of the House of Devils and attempted to rebuild them to their former glory. Atraks was amongst those who answered her rallying call to return to the old ways and became the youngest member of the aspiring Devil Kell's council.[4]

After the Devils failed to capture the SIVA weapon, Eramis became frustrated and felt humiliated for losing to the young Mithrax while seated at her Ketch. Atraks tried to console her, but Eramis bitterly told her she knew Atraks would not take their failure to heart as she was too young to remember the true prowess of the old Devils. Atraks replied with optimism by saying she can see the light and the new potential of the Devils. Eramis was hit with a moment of clarity and took inspiration from Atraks' words. She declared that the Devils were dead and they must become something new.[4]

The Dark Empire[edit]

Eramis instructing Atraks to prepare the body.
"Atraks... Kridis and I can handle this. Return to the Crypt and prepare the body."
Eramis, Kell of Darkness

Atraks journeyed with Eramis to Europa, where they began construction of Riis-Reborn, a new Eliksni city built amongst the ruins of Eventide, a Golden Age human colony. Alongside fellow councilors Variks and Praksis she greeted the arrival of Eramis old friends Phylaks and Kridis. Atraks did not intervene when Phylaks assaulted Variks for his past betrayals of the Eliksni before Eramis convinced two new arrivals to begrudgingly work alongside the House of Judgment scribe for the good of all Eliksni.[5] Alongside her fellow Council members Kridis stood with Eramis to welcome the arrival of the obsidian ship as it tells them to choose salvation. A new dark empire is born in the form of the House of Salvation led by Eramis, Kell of Darkness.[6]

Atraks was then instructed by her Kell to be the voice of reason among the youth of the Eliksni. She sends a passionate message saying how she is glad the Whirlwind arrived to strip the Eliksni of their dogmatic culture. She also viewed her unlucky birth during spaceflight to be a birth of freedom as she can now see the Light, unlike the nostalgia blinded generations of before who turned their backs to the future. She encouraged them to rally under Salvation at Riis-Reborn, do away with dead dreams and look to the future by wielding the power gifted by the Darkness.[1]

During a ceremony in the main chambers of Riis-Reborn, Atraks stood amongst the Dark Council as Eramis made a speech against the Traveler. Atraks witnessed the destruction of a Servitor and Phylaks harnessing the powers of Stasis from the Crux of Darkness, but the assembly is interrupted by the Guardian known as the Young Wolf, who subsequently managed to escape from the city.[7] Following the deaths of Phylaks and Praksis at the hands of the infamous Guardian, Eramis held a emergency meeting between her and Kridis. Stating that they can handle the Young Wolf, Eramis ordered Atraks to return to the Deep Stone Crypt and prepare the body.[8]

Atraks took over the Fallen operations within the Deep Stone Crypt, where she cast aside her organic carapace for that of a modified Exo frame based on Praksis' research. In an attempt to deal with the mental trauma of the Exo transformation process she striped the skin off her old face to serve as a reminder that its nothing but a mask of her past life.[9]

The Fallen Exo[edit]

Atraks-1 reawakens Taniks
"Clarity Control breached. A single unregistered Exo and a singe life form of unknown biology detected in Crypt laboratory."
— Crypt AI

As a fireteam of Guardians led by the Young Wolf journeyed their way to the Clovis Bray laboratory near Clarity Control, they encountered Atraks near a terminal with the appearance of an Exo and modelled after her previous Eliksni form with four arms and a signature white and black look. She then unleashed the body from the cryopod to reveal the infamous mercenary, Taniks, the Scarred. Taniks is engulfed with rage as he spots the Guardian responsible for two of his prior defeats and proceeded to violently bash the laboratory glass. He fails to break it and climbs the lab glass to leave Atraks behind. She also disappears in mist.[10]

Atraks then initiated a battle against them by spreading the duplicate clones of herself across the laboratory and the Morning Star orbital station. She then summons Fallen reinforcements and deploys Sentinel Servitors to disable the augment terminals nearby. Immune to all damage and armed with an upgraded white Shock Rifle, she shoots Arc bullets against them from all directions.[10]

After the Servitors are defeated, Atraks initiated her Extinction Protocol to eliminate the enemy threat, however the Guardians managed to defeat the correct duplicate clone by using a scanner augment. She then dropped a replication orb to allow her to form another copy to extinguish the Guardians, but they cleverly use the airlocks of the orbital station to launch them into space. Atraks then made a final stand by summoning eight duplicates of herself in the orbital station, but her cunning abilities were of no use and she was defeated by the Guardians.[10]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Atraks-1, the Fallen Exo
"They called us unlucky to have been born in the dark of deep space, but we were born free!"
— Atraks, the Wildcard

Atraks is quiet in nature and respectful to those with authority. She is of few words and optimistic in nature who looks forward to the future. This is due to her youthfulness as she never witnessed the horrors of the Whirlwind.

She whole-heartedly believes in Eramis and passionately tries to recruit her fellow young Eliksni. She asks them see to the Light, to do away with the dead dreams that have blinded the older generations and views her birth in space as a positive as she was born free and does not have to live by the arbitrary customs that guide the Fallen.

Atraks is highly intelligent as she was able to continue the Exo research first set in motion by Praksis and became the first Fallen ever to transform herself to Exo. She bested the likes of Sekris, Taniks, Pirrha, Aksis and his Devil Splicers to become one with technology and achieve a status that would be celebrated as godhood among her kind.

Atraks became the de-facto leader after the fall of her Council members and commands a Ketch stationed near the Morning Star space station.

During her transition to Atraks-1, her cognitive mind deteriorated to the point where she suffered early stages of Dissociative Exomind Rejection. To remedy this, an unnamed Fallen tells her to strip the skin off her former face for others to wear and remind herself that her old body was just an imposter to them; its face being nothing other than a mask.


Atraks-1 enters battle

As Guardians journey their way through the red giant veiled statue, they reach a laboratory with "Atraks-1, Fallen Exo" inside.

Upon arrival Atraks-1 will awaken Taniks, Reborn from his cryopod and point to the Guardians. Taniks reacts with anger as he begins bash the laboratory glass in rage and disappear by climbing the glass, with Atraks following suit.

To initiate the encounter, players need to approach a purple glowing orb near the four space elevator pods. Atraks will re-emerge with various duplicate clones spread across Clarity Control and Morning Star. She is immune to all damaged and armed with a upgraded Shock Rifle. Getting near Atraks will unleash an Ultra Smash attack.

The objective is to defeat Atraks-1 by locating the correct duplicate to attack through the use of a Scanner augment. It is advised players equip the weapon, The Lament due to its high damage capacity.

There are a total of eight Atraks-1 duplicates, with four in the laboratory and four in the orbital space station. In the laboratory, there is one duplicate by the middle space pods, one by the red room and two by the yellow room; separated into upper and lower. While in the orbital station, there are two duplicates by the middle; front and back, one by the left and one by the right.

Also spread across both rooms are three augment terminals to help players transfer their augments between each other. These can be found by the middle, left and right portions of the room, the orbital station is unique for having a extra terminal near the space pods.

Atraks-1 initiating its Extinction Protocol.

Players are advised to split into two groups of three to tackle Atraks from both rooms. Using the space pods will help players enter the orbital station above and also travel to the laboratory below. They also need to acquire the yellow Scanner and red Operator augments to help defeat Atraks. The Operator Vandal will spawn in the laboratory, while the Hacker Vandal will spawn in the orbital station.

The Operator is able to launch elevator pods to and from the orbital station by shooting the panels near it. They also have the important role of shooting the "Atraks-1 Replication" debuff off players carrying the replication orb. While the Scanner will be able to guide their teammates to the correct Atraks to attack, as the duplicate will glow a distinct yellow.

To begin the damage phase against Atraks, players are required to destroy a total of six Sentinel Servitors that spawn near the Fallen Exo. Three will spawn in the laboratory and three will spawn by the orbital station, each spread across to the middle, left and right. The Sentinel Servitors will also disable the augment terminals and need to be destroyed to grant access to it. Hacker and Operator Vandals will also spawn alongside the Sentinels. It is also possible to begin the damage by waiting for a prolonged amount of time.

Following their destruction, Atraks will initiate its "Extinction Protocol". This will first start at the orbital station above and then the laboratory below and will continue this process back and forth to a total of four damage phases. Failure to defeat the correct duplicate in time will result in a wipe mechanic called "Replicated Ruin". After defeating the duplicate in the orbital station, the Scanner then needs to pass their augment through the terminal to a player below so that they too can attack the correct Atraks. The Scanner augment will need to be juggled throughout the individual damage phases and players are advised to delegate Scanner roles accordingly.

When a duplicate despawns, it will drop a purple glowing orb named "Atraks-1 Replication". It is important to pick this orb up and dispose replication by entering one of the four airlocks in the orbital station. The Operator has the added duty to first open their doors by shooting the red glowing panel and then shoot the replication off the players carrying it.

Players are given 45 seconds to hold the buff and this can be extended if the Operator shoots the orbs over their heads to reset the timer. If the replication isn’t destroyed, a copy of Atraks will spawn and eliminate everyone, resulting in death by "Replication". Players carrying the orb from the laboratory need to use the launch pods and travel to the space station and also enter the airlocks. If the Operator were to mistakenly pick up the orb, they have the option to transfer their augment and allow another player to shoot the orb off them. However if a player were to stay in the airlock for too long, they risk death as it will be eject into space.

If her health does not reach final stand, Atraks will spawn more Sentinel Servitors to initiate another cycle of damage phases until she reaches final stand. In final stand, the whole team need to gather by the orbital station and await the final Extinction Protocol. There Atraks will spawn a total of eight duplicates across the room and the Scanner will need guide their team to the correct Atraks to damage. The duplicates will also drop more replication orbs that need to be sent to the airlock, however if teams are fast enough, they can defeat Atraks without destroying the orbs and collect the raid chest.


Atraks, the Wildcard

Atraks-1, Fallen Exo

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Orginal Soundtracks[edit]

Destiny 2: Beyond Light OST - Replicate


  • Atraks-1 is actually coded as a normal Fallen Captain in the game's API files. This could previously be observed through a series of wall breaches along the path to the following encounter, if done during the fight. This Captain bears no major discrepancies from any normal Fallen Captain and is also named “Atraks-1, Fallen Exo”. The Captain would not attack the player but would occasionally teleport. She has since been moved to an inaccessible location.

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