Pyramid (Europa)

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Pyramid (Europa)
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Herald of Stasis

"This is what I've brought you here to see."
— The Exo Stranger to Eris Morn and The Drifter.[1]

During the second arrival of the Pyramids in the Sol System, a single Pyramid settled over the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa. It holds the key to unlocking Stasis, and plays a major role in the events of Beyond Light.

Overview and layout[edit]

Like its brethren, the outside of the Pyramid's hull is covered in segmented panels that vary in pattern, with some having vertical lines and others with patterns resembling circuitry. Much like the Traveler, the surfaces of the Pyramid seem to be composed of some form of rock-like material, occasionally having an uneven or chiselled appearance, giving the ship an almost handcrafted quality. It seems to be closer in design to its Lunar counterpart in features, bearing a smoother, more pristine exterior, However, unlike the Lunar Pyramid, it is lit up, suggesting that it is active. The inside of the Pyramid is near identical to that of Luna and even features an identical statue of a veiled female that Eris interacted with.


Beyond Light[edit]

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This Pyramid was discovered silently hovering over Europa's surface at some point following the arrival of its brethren months before.



  • The Europa Pyramid is the sixth known Pyramid to be uncovered by the Guardians.
  • The Europa Pyramid is the first time that we see a tetrahedron in its full majesty, in other instances Pyramids have either been partially obscured by cloud or shrouded in shadow.
  • The interior lights are different from the Lunar Pyramid's. The statue room has bright green lights affixed to the ceiling, the stairway has blue lights, and the first room has orange lights. The Lunar Pyramid's lights are exclusively red and blue, suggesting that while each of these Pyramids have similar interior layouts, they can have different colored light fixtures.

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