Pyramid (Luna)

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Pyramid (Luna)
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Lunar Pyramid
Dark Majesty





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First known Pyramid uncovered by the Guardians
Herald of the Darkness

"Violence. Beauty. Truth. These things await inside."
Ghost, seemingly possessed by the Darkness

The Pyramid is the name used by Eris Morn and the Ghost to refer to a seemingly derelict Pyramid located below the surface of the Moon. This being is a part of the aforementioned fleet that attacked the Sol System during the Collapse, which are sentient fragments of the Darkness. It is the main antagonist of Shadowkeep.

Overview and Layout[edit]

The outside of the Pyramid's hull is covered in segmented panels that vary in pattern, with some having vertical lines and other with patterns resembling circuitry. Much like the Traveler, the surfaces of the Pyramid seem to be composed of some form of rock-like material, occasionally having an uneven or chiseled appearance, giving the ship an almost handcrafted quality.

The Pyramid can be accessed by an opening on one of its upward-facing sides; this opening can produce a tractor beam to bring objects or visitors inside. The interior of the Pyramid appears to have been designed with human-scale inhabitants in mind and contains many hallways, stairways, and various open spaces. Many parts of the architecture feature subtle gold ornamentation or chiseled, seemingly abstract patterns. It is dimly lit, with occasional harsh white or red lighting providing the only illumination. Small container-like objects can be found scattered around the halls.

Among the most notable objects found within the pyramid is a massive sculpture, apparently of a humanoid figure draped in what appears to be a veil or shroud. It is currently unknown what this sculpture represents. However, a nearly identical one appears in the Black Garden, watched over by a Pyramid Scale and the Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent.



"Welcome. We've been waiting."
— Ghost, while possessed by The Darkness.

The Pyramid was discovered by Eris Morn following the Red War and conflict with the Scorn. Upon touching its surface, Eris apparently triggered a seismic disturbance, revealing the Pyramid in its crevasse. The Pyramid subsequently began producing Phantoms and Nightmares, which haunted the surrounding caverns and lunar surface.

The Hive of the Hidden Swarm saw a prime opportunity in the Pyramid's appearance and of its Nightmare creations. Under the leadership of the Daughters of Crota, the Hive built a Scarlet Keep over the Pyramid's location and begun creating armor to immunize themselves of the Nightmares foul energies. In addition, the Hive managed to utilize the Nightmares to strengthen their forces, allowing them to renew their offensive against the Last City.

After crafting a set of Dreambane Armor with the aid of Eris Morn, the Guardian was able to approach the Pyramid, which produced a tractor beam to draw the Guardian inside. Within the Pyramid, the Guardian faced Nightmares of Ghaul, Fikrul, and Crota. The Guardian's Ghost was seemingly possessed by the Darkness during this period and commented on the weakness and failures of the Light. After slaying the Nightmare of Crota, the Guardian was guided to a statue with an unknown artifact placed before it.

Season of Arrivals[edit]

Though the Pyramid itself does not make a direct appearance, the season did yield an interesting revelation about it. In Season of the Worthy, Rasputin tracked the Pyramid Fleet and showed that the fleet itself was comprised of tetrahedrons of two distinct sizes. Humanity's first contact with these active ships since the collapse was on Io where a massive Pyramid accompanied by much smaller tetrahedrons was seen over the circle of raised rocks. The smaller Pyramids are of a far more simplistic design when compared to the larger Pyramids, this aesthetic falls in line with the smooth look on the Pyramid on Luna. It is safe to assume that the Pyramid on Luna is not one of the larger ones but in fact a lesser tetrahedron.


  • At the end of the Scarlet Keep strike, it is possible to see the Pyramid from the gate that the boss comes through. You may have to jump to see it.
  • The reveal of the Pyramid on Luna actually took a lot of the community by surprise and is considered to be the highlight of the campaign for the expansion.
  • The developers intentionally disabled sprint at the point the player first sees the Pyramid, this was done to convey the gravity, danger, and power of the Darkness.
  • When the player encounters the Pyramid of Luna there are two pieces of dialogue that the Ghost can say, what he ends up saying is dependent on what they player has personally done in terms of narrative. On one hand, he will say that he does not recognize the ship, but on the other hand he will say that he does recognize it and even notes the impossibility of it being there.
    • Ghost Quote 1: "What... is that? I've never seen anything like it."
    • Ghost Quote 2: "That's... one of those Pyramids. It can't be. That should not be here."
  • In Season of the Worthy, it is revealed that the Pyramid fleet has reached the Kuiper Belt and made contact with Osiris, the fleet takes control of Sagira in the same fashion that the Pyramid of Luna did to the Young Wolfs Ghost.
  • The Pyramids outer hull appears to be made from some form of marble or rock and is of a similar material composition as the Traveller. What this connection reveals or alludes to has yet to be elaborated on.
  • It is believed the Crack in the Moon’s surface from Destiny and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was caused by the Pyramid crash landing during the Collapse in the Traveler’s battle with the Darkness.