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The Solar System as it is seen from the Director

The Solar System is the planetary system inhabited by humanity. During the Golden Age, humanity forged an empire that spanned much of the system, but the catastrophic effects of the Collapse forced humans to retreat to Earth, abandoning their many worlds to various other forces.

Notable celestial bodies

  • Mercury—a former garden world, now converted by the Vex into a planet-sized machine.
  • Venus—a volcanic jungle world and the site of the Ishtar Academy, humanity's greatest center of learning. Now occupied by the Vex and the Fallen House of Winter.
  • Earth—mankind's homeworld. The only safe human settlement is The Last City, with pockets of hidden human communities. The Fallen House of Devils and House of Kings control the rest of the planet.
    • The Moon—Earth's only natural satellite. Once the site of a small colony for supplying the rest of the system, now the location of the Hive's stronghold, with a minor House of Exile presence.
  • Mars—the first human city outside of Earth, Freehold, was founded here. Now occupied by the Cabal, who are fighting invading Vex forces for control.
    • The Black Garden—a Vex realm accessible from and tied to Mars.
    • Phobos—one of Mars's two moons. Phobos is controlled by the Cabal, and has been artificially brought to closer orbit for obscure reasons.
  • Asteroid Belt—a ring of asteroids and Golden Age debris marking the boundary between the Inner System and the Outer System.
  • Jupiter—a gas giant. Its moons are believed to have been a major cornerstone of Golden Age civilization.
    • Io—a volcanic, sulfuric moon occupied by the Fallen and Vex. Vex ruins lie all across the planet, and the Fallen are highly active.
    • Europa—a moon of Jupiter and former human colony, under the control of the Nine.
  • Saturn—a gas giant. Oryx's Dreadnaught and a Hive fleet now orbit the planet.
    • Titan—a methane ocean moon. The Hive and the Cabal Red Legion lurk around the planet.
  • Nessus—a dormant Vex machine world that is also under Red Legion occupation.


The bodies of the Solar System are not based on real-world scans, as per gameplay/enjoyment priorities.[1]


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