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House of Dusk


Raksil, Archon Priest
Breviks, Dusk Baron
Haviks, Dusk Baron
Skriviks, the Sharp-Eyed
Thaviks, the Depraved


Brandaks Prime
Serkuleks, the Fount


European Dead Zone
New Pacific Arcology
Arcadian Valley
Tangled Shore
Ocean of Storms

At war with:

Red Legion
Savathûn's Brood
Sol Collective
The Reef
House of Spider
Cabal Deserters
Hidden Swarm
Sol Divisive
Xivu Arath's Horde
Lucent Brood

Allied with:

House of Kings
House of Wolves
House of Winter
House of Devils
Kell's Scourge
House of Salvation


Red War
Hunt for the Scorn
Battle of the Forges


"Skolas tried to unite the Fallen Houses but failed. Who would have thought that sheer desperation would succeed where he failed."

The House of Dusk is a Fallen House, distinguishable by their dark purple cloaks and armor. They recently emerged following the advent of the Red War and were founded by the former Awoken Prince Uldren Sov under orders by the Kell of House of Kings, Craask. They are engaged in conflicts with every other faction in the system.



Former Wolf Born, Mithrax the Forsaken

"Thou shalt tell the Eliksni to tear off their banners. Thou shalt tell them that we must all surrender to each other. We must give up our rivalries, or we will not survive."
Craask, Kell of Kings

Sometime after the Reef's disastrous attack on the Dreadnaught, the surviving Prince Uldren Sov allowed himself to be captured by the House of Kings in order to gain an audience with their Kell, Craask. Craask reluctantly bent the knee to Uldren and beseeched him to carry the message to every other Fallen House to abandon their old loyalties, end their rivalries and join together for the sake of survival.[2][3]

The House of Dusk adopted their purple banners from the House of Rain that attacked a settlement of Mercury when it was still a garden world. The armor of the House of Rain was also adopted, more ornamental in appearance due to the House's prophetical stance. These contrasted rather starkly to the Fallen's previous more militant armor which was nearly full-body.

Following the Devil Splicers' defeat at the peak of the SIVA Crisis, the Fallen collectively retreated from all of their hardcore strongholds, leaving behind their banners and armor in ceremonial piles and burnt ash. [4]

The Red War[edit]

"Fallen comms, still trying to reach their brothers and sisters. Some of these headers are still marked with House sigils. House of Devils, House of Wolves..."

Nearly a year after the SIVA Crisis, around the time of the Red War, the House of Dusk suddenly emerged, with no sign of the other Fallen Houses being present outside of the ruins. The House of Dusk entered a massive guerrilla war with Red Legion forces across the Solar System as well as battling the Hive and Vex.


House of Dusk Ketch above the European Dead Zone

The House of Dusk first became known when The Guardian sought the Shard of the Traveler to recover their Light. A former Wolf noble, Skriviks, who disappeared after the Wolf Rebellion returned under the banner of Dusk. Accompanied by her lieutenants Tikkis and Maksor, she and her crew launched a counterattack to reclaim the Shard of the Traveler, but met their end when the Guardians regained their powers.

Later when the Guardians returned to attain new subclasses, they met resistance from Poknis, Order Captain, a Prime Servitor named Brandaks Prime and a heavy shank. The Fallen were trying to harness the corrupted Light of the Traveler's Shard, but ultimately failed.

In the European Dead Zone, Raksil, Archon Priest and Serkuleks, the Fount were responsible for producing and distributing an enhanced variety of ether by using modified Cabal technology. This would strengthen the nearby Fallen into a class of Empyrean capable of eliminating the Cabal.[6]

During the Larceny mission, the High Servitor Teleks-5 led an offensive against the Cabal alongside a crew of Fallen to scavenge supplies. Later in the Arms Dealer strike, the House of Dusk would infiltrate Firebase Hades again and enter a massive battle against the forces of Bracus Zahn, a weapons supplier for the Red Legion. They were however pushed back by a Fireteam when the Vanguard enlisted them to eliminate Zahn.[7] The increased campaigns against the Cabal highlight a greater show of strength especially when former Houses would refrain from such tactics.


Mithrax battling Hive Knight, Golthor

When Commander Zavala fled to Titan to establish a secret base against the Red Legion, the House of Dusk saw an opportunity to follow him there. The Fallen quickly got to work after finding long abandoned Golden Age cities such as the New Pacific Arcology ripe for plunder and intercepted many unmanned shipments sent to Earth by Sloane.[8]

As they encroached into Hive territory, the two races began a bitter feud. In the Savathûn Song strike, the Fallen fought for dominance against the Guardians as the two sought to investigate the Hive territory past the Solarium.

Later a group of Fallen led by Mithrax, the Forsaken compete against the Guardians to gain access to an ancient methane reactor with the motivation of boosting Ether production for Servitors by doubling or tripling the output.[9]

Mithrax, always one step ahead of the Guardians, constructs various barriers and enlists the High Servitor Selkis, the Obstructor to prevent the Guardians from reaching the reactor. Fallen Walkers would be deployed to fend off Hive Orges and Knights swarming the complex.

Finally, Mithrax is seen duelling against Golthor, the Subtle, during which Guardians are given a choice of who to kill. Killing the Hive Knight and sparing Mithrax will trigger an ending in which he'll thank the Guardians with an Eliksni display of respect, to Zavala's surprise. He disappears and grants the player access to the reactor, putting questions to a Fallen and Human alliance.


Guardians battling Thaviks, the Depraved

After following Cayde-6 to Nessus, the House of Dusk quickly establish themselves by setting up Fallen comms with Titan and EDZ, forming a triumvirate communication network using modified House of Kings encryptions.

In the mission Six, the Dusk launch a large-scale attack against the Vex near the remains of the Exodus Black. The Vex displeased with the Fallen moving into their territory go into a muderous rampage and defend themselves with Acanthos, Gate Lord. The Dusk counter with Fallen Walkers to push past the Vex.

Jaliks, Fallen Captain, the commander leading the charge arrives and stations his Ketch above the Exodus Black. His crew attempt to crack Failsafe's defensive shields and deploy Servitors to hack the network, only to short circuit. They also set up terminals for remote access into Exodus Black's security system. Jaliks would ultimately die at the hands of the Guardian.

In Exodus Siege, the Dusk continue their pursuit to destroy Failsafe's mainframe so they can scrap her for parts. Elyksul, Assault Leader leads the second assault and corrects past mistakes by deploying a special Assault unit with cloaking and sending signals behind a massive barrier powered by Vex tech to avoid detection. The Guardian intervenes by annihilating the assault and traces Elyksul back to their hidden cavern. After fighting through numerous Barrier Servitors, they kill the Captain and end their siege.

In Exodus Crash, the Dusk attempt a third raid on the Exodus Black, this time on the secondary hull where Failsafe is blind. Thaviks, the Depraved lead this raid, holding himself up inside the hull and deploying even more forces, which included Walkers and Heavy Shanks outside the area. However, a Fireteam led by the Guardian was able to break through the defensive line and kill Thaviks, discouraging any more Dusk Fallen from raiding the Exodus.

Though the Fallen would try to scrap Failsafe at various points, she however would be sympathetic towards them when the Vex start imprisoning the Fallen. Failsafe enlists the Guardian's help in the adventure Release to fight through the Vex network and free the Fallen. Later it is discovered that Vex promised to release the Fallen only if they fight each other to the death, but the Fallen held together by genuine loyalty did not attack one another, signifying an end of old House rivalries.

Red War Aftermath[edit]

House of Dusk defectors

"House of Dusk, fah! House of Desperation! House of Erased Differences! Differences define us."
The Spider.[10]

One year after the Red War, the House of Dusk entered into a civil war with the Scorn, following their breakout from the Prison of Elders. By then, the House had entered a state of dishevel after its conceiver, Craask, Kell of Kings was betrayed by Uldren and killed at the hands of Fikrul, the Fanatic.[11]

With the release of former inmates and the demise of the House of Wolves, the House of Dusk saw a surge of membership which included the Silent Fang, Queenbreakers, Pallas Siegebreakers and those afilliated with Beltrik and Irxis.

Despite having these new recruits, the House of Dusk continues to splinter and suffer, as agents of the Last City have observed that many of its members deserted to either join the Spider and his criminal syndicate, the Kell's Scourge led by his brother Siviks, return to old allegiances, or strike out on their own. Following Siviks' mounting failures and death by the Guardians, the House of Dusk continues to fracture and radicalize; the result of a lack of a unified leadership.

Return to the Moon[edit]

A Dusk leader seen in the New Light mission

A year after the events of the Hunt for the Scorn, the house is now more fractured and divided than before. The reemergence of the House of Devils, the birth of the House of Light and Variks, The Loyal's House of Judgment have only further drained the ranks of what was once considered a unified Fallen House. Despite this, however, the Fallen have seemingly made one last haven for themselves on the Moon. Exploiting the crashed Ketch, Wolfship Kaliks-Syn, they now hold a lot of the old territory that they once did. Even despite this, the legacy of the House of Dusk seems to be drenched in failure, at the start of the Red War, they were the largest House ever to threaten the System. But, with their constant defeats at the hands of the Guardians and with no Kell in the absence of an Elder Cipher, they have no legitimate leadership.

The House would continue to act as scavengers during both the Almighty Crisis and the Arrival of the Black Fleet, looking to pillage the technologies that were being employed by the Vanguard. All the Dusk residing on Titan would disappear with it when the moon was Taken by the Black Fleet.

War of Salvation and rise of the War God[edit]

"Variks hears whispers. House Salvation still calls out to House Dusk. Even with no Kell, they do not relent."
Variks, the Loyal

The House of Dusk would continue to splinter following Eramis and her House of Salvation's rise to power. Seeking to join the powerful Kell in her campaign against the Traveler, many Fallen would abandon the House, further eroding its ranks. The vanguard of Xivu Arath, God of War's forces also made itself known on the Tangled Shore, where her brood planted Cryptoliths that brainwashed many of the Dusk into Wrathborn. Despite these setbacks, it was revealed that the House of Dusk had claimed old Devil territory in the Cosmodrome from the Hive. Eramis would also send an envoy, Bakris, the Adamantine, to parley with these elements and convince them to help her in the war against the Last City. However, Guardians would continue interfering time and time again, keeping this remnant of the House of Dusk on the backfoot by killing its commanders and sabotaging their infrastructure.

Return of Titan[edit]

The House of Dusk members that remained on Titan would be left to contend with the maddening influence of the Witness. When the moon re-emerged, the survivors were found to have torn down their banners, been driven crazy in the service of Xivu Arath. They would come into conflict with Guardian fireteams, which were tasked with retrieving Golden Age materials and egregore coral from Kraken Mare. A notable example is the Servitor J4W-S, Wrath-Hunter Servitor, who was turned into a predatorial Wrathborn and hunted Vanguard recon teams by driving them into areas infested with Hive and Taken. It would eventually be confronted and destroyed by Guardians to retrieve the coral they needed.


Skiffs deploying Dusk troops on Nessus

"And what does Dusk stand for? They do not know. This is telling."
Variks, the Loyal

Primarily distinguishable by their dark purple cloaks and new weapons, their eyes glow an intense turquoise, much brighter than the pale blue seen in Fallen from Destiny 1, and wear very little armour, instead choosing to rely on their natural exoskeletons for protection. What armor remains is heavily weathered and worn down.

The House can be found on Earth, Titan, Nessus, and Luna, warring with every other alien faction in the system. Within the House of Dusk, the Fallen no longer worship Servitors and machines as they used to, having devoted their energy towards simple survival. With their emergence, they are believed to be the most powerful active Fallen faction in the Solar System.

Evidence strongly implies that the House of Dusk is an amalgamation of the remnants of other Fallen Houses. Dusk structure bears a level of complexity similar to the House of Wolves, though they ultimately follow no Kell leadership. While united for the sake of survival, they operate similarly to the former House of Exile: with respective crews led by Barons working independently of each other. There are multiple specialized forces that are given their own set of tasks. Pike gangs are sent to patrol Fallen territory and harass intruders. Signal crews led by recon specialists and stealth troops hack into and jam communication devices used by enemy forces to prevent them from strategizing. Glimmer extraction crews use Glimmer Drills to acquire wealth and resources. All of these divisions are given their leaders from the ranks of their nobility.

The House of Dusk is actively calling other Fallen to join with it. Fallen banners displayed in Trostland bore a crude version of the House of Judgment's sigil, but the banners were seemingly used as warnings rather than to mark territory ownership. Some Fallen tech also found in the area once belonged to the House of Winter and had been transported from Venus. While a communications device in Siren's Watch was discovered to be using variants of encryption protocols derived from the House of Kings. A former noble of the House of Wolves was found to have joined the ranks of the House of Dusk. Lastly, the House produces Heavy Shanks based on the House of Devils' S.A.B.E.R.-2 prototype. Ghost notes that where Skolas failed in uniting the Houses, sheer desperation (due to the massive losses faced in the Taken War and SIVA Crisis) succeeded in burying old grudges.

Another unusual characteristic is that it utilizes Servitors from multiple lines (Brandaks, Drensik, Kendriks, Kiriks, Merix, Nariks, Selkis, Serkuleks, and Teleks), a practice previously only seen with the House of Wolves, which used two lines (Kaliks and Orbiks). Furthermore, it possesses multiple Prime Servitors where no Fallen House had been known to follow more than a single Prime Servitor at once. They were almost never deployed offensively except where the Fallen believed that they had an overwhelming advantage or when their lair was invaded. The House of Dusk went against traditions by regularly sending Prime Ether Servitors to directly distribute ether to crews in combat zones on various worlds, and deploying other Primes like Brandaks Prime and Serkuleks, the Fount as reinforcements against Guardian incursions.

In addition to their scavenging, the House of Dusk also appears to be focusing on Ether production and experimentation. In the European Dead Zone, Raksil, Archon Priest and Serkuleks, the Fount were responsible for producing and distributing an enhanced variety of ether from Cabal technology that strengthened the Fallen. In the Arcadian Valley, Ghost scanned a tank with ether that had been diluted through unknown means, which he speculated meant that the Fallen on Nessus were experiencing a dire ether shortage. Equally intriguing is that many of the House of Dusk's Captains throughout the system are comparable to Kells in size, a level of growth which requires a large amount of ether to achieve.


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Shank variants
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  • The name of the House of Dusk likely stems from the Kell of Kings' message "it is twilight for the Fallen, and we must lay our banners down," twilight being a synonym for dusk.
  • The House of Dusk insignia is first seen in Destiny 1 from the Rise of Iron expansion, where the Devil Splicers drop Synthetic Ether bearing the Dusk logo.[13]
  • In Season of Dawn, it is revealed that the House of Dusk adopted the symbols and purple banners of the House of Rain.
    • The lore for Estival Excursion ship obtained during Solstice of Heroes 2018 hinted at this, saying "they [House of Winter remnants] bore the crests and colors from one of the original Eliksni factions". [14]
  • The Dregs and Wretches of the House of Dusk do not possess docking caps and have regrown the first parts of their lower arms, while all Major and Ultra Dusk Fallen possess gold-yellow streaks on their armor and cloaks, suggesting a House of Kings connection.
  • A red banner with the Dusk insignia is worn by Thaviks, the Depraved and can be seen around the Fortress Crucible map. This possibly hints at a divide or another division in the House.
  • It is unknown whether the House of Dusk possesses a Kell.
  • The House of Dusk has the most Prime Servitors of any House seen to date, commanding at least three. These Servitors are Brandaks Prime, the Prime Ether Servitors, and Serkuleks, the Fount. Most Houses only have had one or perhaps two.
  • Unlike other houses in Destiny 1, whose members wear bodysuits under full armor and capes, members of House of Dusk do not wear bodysuits and instead wear armor on their half-naked bodies.
  • A Vandal can be found on a tiny island north of the Sunken Isles in the EDZ with a disproportionate amount of health and strong attack. This is an Easter Egg reference to "Randal the Vandal", a notorious Level 8 Reaver Vandal found in the Forgotten Shore of the Cosmodrome who was later turned into Rahndel, the Perfected.
  • The House of Dusk has no named dregs and one named vandal.

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