Shard of the Traveler

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The Shard of the Traveler is an object that sits in the middle of the Blackened Forest in the EDZ. It is the source of the corruption growing in the area around it and in The Dark Forest. The player uses the shard to regain their Light during the Story Mission Spark. They also return here in the Quest with the same name to unlock a new subclass.


When the player has entered the Blackened Forest in the subclass missions, they will channel the Light of the Shard and gain access to their new subclass. Various enemies from the House of Dusk will then continually spawn, giving the player an opportunity to try out the abilities against weaker troops and bosses.


  • When speaking to Tyra Karn in The Farm after the completion of the story mission Homecoming, she states that the Shard ended up in the EDZ during the Collapse. Why it did is currently unknown, but it might be because it received a touch by the Darkness. This can also be the reason to why the Forest around it is corrupted.


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