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Destiny Lore Fanatic, Warlock Fan

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Edited the page Ceremonial Bather
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Hey House of Black! How did you dome to this site?


Hey HouseofBlack. Just a quick reminder: you must cite your sources for any additions to Destinypedia using our Reference Guide. I am sure the information you added is correct, but for verification sake, and wiki policy, you have to source your content. Thanks for your cooperation!


Yup. Looking forward to Destiny 2. If it comes out for PC, I'll try to get it.


So am I, without playing the game. Couldn't after Rise of Iron, and can't get a PS4. I frequent the /r/Destiny threads for anything that might contribute to the wiki.


Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here. Activity is kinda low with only a few active contributors.


Your welcome. It is always nice to meet a new member. Have you ever contributed to Destinypedia before?