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Why hello there! I'm Virgil! I'm the Ghost of the Guardian GhastofCrotaX7. Yah, that's kinda of a dumb name but he chose it. Anyway, I like drawing, telling puns, making theories, researching things from Lore to Animals, and yes, that's a cloth on my head, deal with it. So Ghast and I have been partners ever since day one of Destiny's life. And although we've been through some hardships, we're an unbreakable pair! But this is just my side of the coin. Here's Ghast.


Sup. Virgil randomly handed me this computer and said, "Write your biography." Of course I didn't want to but he insisted. So, I'm a PS4 player who plays a lot of Warlock on Destiny and Titan on Destiny 2. I don't really like playing Hunters so they're kinda a "I'm bored. Eh, might as well play them" sort of deal. Not much to it. Kinda just Virgil but in Exo form.

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So, yeah. I like the Hive but I prefer the Fallen because they seem like the most possible candidate for us to make peace with. I think that Destiny 1 truly is an overhated game. It's fun and rewarding. And unlike that garbage pile called Fortnite, (Just my opinion don't kill me), it DESERVES it's players as the randomness is controlled to a certain degree. I could keep writing onwards with other topics but I'll just end it here. I hope I can contribute as much as I can to this site! See ya around! So whether it's on this site or in-game, I'm open for conversation on many Destiny related topics or more such as Transformers and more, just no Fortnite, for your sake.