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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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This article is about the conclusion of The Light and Darkness Saga. For the goal of The Witness, see Final Shape.
The Final Shape
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Release date(s):

June 4th, 2024


Action role-playing
First-person shooter


ESRB: Teen (T) for Blood, Language, and Violence
PEGI: 16+


"After all we've seen... all we've lost... this fight might be our last. So I'm asking you one last time... to rise."
The Ghost

The Final Shape is the eighth expansion of Destiny 2 and twelfth expansion of the Destiny franchise. The Final Shape is described as the final content pack for The Light and Darkness Saga where all events up until then will come to a head.


"The Final Shape looms—a nightmarish calcification of reality into the Witness's twisted design. Embark on a perilous journey into the heart of the Traveler, rally the Vanguard, and end the War of Light and Darkness." - DLC page description.


  • New Missions and Quests
  • Legendary Campaign Difficulty
  • New Destination
  • New Exotic Weapons and Gear
  • The Pathfinder is introduced in ritual activities and the Pale Heart destination. It allows players to complete objectives from one tier to the next, ending in a reward engram at the end. Once the reward engram is claimed, or when the weekly reset occurs, a new Pathfinder card is provided.
  • Rahool, Xûr, and Suraya Hawthorne now have reputation tracks. Once the reputation rank resets at Rahool for the first time, Tier 3 focusing becomes available.
  • Players can now slot Artifice mods into Exotic armor once the armor is masterworked and they pay an Exotic Cipher
  • Beginning in The Final Shape, Legendary Shards have been deprecated.

Guardian Subclasses & Changes

  • Prismatic: A new element capable of combining Light and Darkness energy together to mix and match abilities across different damage types that eventually fills up a meter below your Super meter. Void, Solar, and Arc damage fills up the Light meter; Stasis and Strand damage fills up the Darkness meter; and Kinetic damage fills up both meters. Once both meters are full, players can activate Transcendence, which grants damage resistance, bonus weapon damage, and a grenade that utilizes both Light and Darkness damage type based on the class.
  • Added the following Supers, aspects, and fragmemts for existing subclasses: Whisper of Chill and Whisper of Reversal for Stasis, Storm's Edge and Ascension for Arcstriders, Twilight Arsenal and Unbreakable for Sentinels, and Song of Flame and Hellion for Dawnblades.


  • New Armor
  • New Weapons
  • New Exotics
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Weapon Perks





  • Salvation's Edge: Calling all Guardians. The time has come to confront the Witness.

Accompanying Episodes



Guardians, Residents of the Last City, and their Allies
The Black Fleet and the Dread
The Cabal
The Eliksni
The Hive
The Reef
The Scorn
The Taken
The Vex
Other Characters





Vehicles, equipment, and technology

Weapons and armor




  • The Final Shape is currently the highest reviewed Destiny content in history, consistently being reviewed in the 9/10 and high 90/100's range, compared to Destiny content getting 8/10 or low-mid 80/100's on average.


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