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"The horse demands you face its many challenges. In return, it offers...prizes?"
Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Starhorse is a mysterious paracausal being who appeared during the events of Season of the Lost and hosts the game show Dares of Eternity with Xûr, Agent of the Nine as its translator.


Very little is known about Starhorse. It has been seen to be capable of summoning seemingly anything and anyone from across the paraverse — realities different from our own — to participate in Dares of Eternity, a "game show" of its own design. Along with this, it has been seen to also be capable of speaking directly into the mind of those it wishes to, however without Xûr, Agent of the Nine to translate its words, they come across as a variety of brays and neighs, exhibiting different emotions and intensity. Starhorse has been seen capable of manipulating ability-enhancing energy; from instantly recharging grenades and melee skills, to being able to supercharge Guardian's Super recharge time and mobility. Starhorse has also been seen capable of bestowing a buff known as Starhorse's Favor which provides the granted regenerating heavy ammo and a bonus to personal defense.

Personality and traits[edit]

Not much is known about Starhorse. They appear to create things for their own entertainment, such as Dares of Eternity. They also appear to have a sense of humor.


The inventory of the Starhorse includes items in relation to the 30th Anniversary Pack. Such items include various bounties, some of which are weekly in nature and others that are daily; the Strange Coin exchange in which one may obtain Glimmer, Legendary Engrams, Paraversal Hauls and Treasure Keys from; and rewards for Reputation progress that include the Resplendent Rewards package, three emotes (that of which include the Anniversary Pose, The Seat Of Power and the Joyful Burst emotes), the Ultra Plasmic Shader, the Hraesveglur ornament for the Exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn, and the universal head ornament Thy Fearful Symmetry. [1]

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