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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Emotes are personalized movements, gestures, and dances used by Guardians. All Guardians begin with four default Emotes: Sit, Dance, Wave, and Point. Of those four, only Point is interchangeable. More Emotes can be acquired from the Eververse Trading Company by spending Silver, by purchasing The Taken King Collector's Edition Digital Content, and by completing the weekly Nightfall Strike.

List of Emotes[edit]

Permanent Emotes[edit]

These Emotes cannot be swapped out with other Emotes. Sit has two versions, one for each gender. Wave and Dance have six versions each, one for every gender and race combination.

  • Sit
  • Wave
  • Dance

Interchangeable Emotes[edit]

These Emotes can be swapped with other Emotes. All Guardians start with Point by default. Certain Emotes are exclusive to a specific class.

  • Default Emotes
    • Point
    • Yes (added to all players' Emote kiosks by patch 2.1.1)
    • Nope (added to all players' Emote kiosks by patch 2.1.1)
  • Eververse Trading Company Emotes
    • Fall 2015 Emotes
      • Blowing a Kiss
      • Booyah
      • Bring It On
      • Charmed
      • Come at Me
      • Congrats
      • Cower
      • Enthusiastic Dance
      • Evil Scheme
      • Formal Bow
      • Oh, Please
      • Pumped Up
      • Safe
      • Slow Clap
      • Sorrow
      • Swing
      • Tantrum
      • Victory Cheer
      • Watch Your Back
    • Winter 2015 Emotes
      • Air Guitar
      • Bow Down
      • Clap
      • Energetic Dance
      • Facepalm
      • Flip Coin
      • Frustrated
      • Jazz Hands
      • Laugh
      • Sad
      • Thumbs Down
      • Thumbs Up
      • Yawn
    • Spring 2016 Emotes
      • Amazed
      • Bye-Bye
      • Club Dance
      • Crane Kick
      • Do It
      • I Don't Know
      • Instructional Dance
      • Kicks Dance
      • Praise the Gun
      • Praise the Light
      • Rude Taunt
      • Sumo
    • Festival of the Lost Emotes
      • Boo
      • Monster Dance
      • Zombie Dance
    • Sparrow Racing League Emotes
      • Victory Wave
    • Crimson Days Emotes
      • Awkward Dance
      • Charmed
      • Fist Bump
      • Secret Greeting
      • Strange Dance
    • Other Emotes
      • Taken Shiver
  • Refer-A-Friend Emotes
    • High Five
    • Duo Dance

List of Appearances[edit]