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September 2, 2022

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Edited the page Golmuut
"Fixed spelling error in Trivia, changed to past tense as no longer in th..."
Edited the page Finalizer
"Added "needs images" tag."
Edited the page The Witch Queen
"Minor edit to add clarification."
Edited the page Akka, the Worm of Secrets
"Minor reference formatting fix, punctuation/capitalisation fix to Trivia..."
Edited the page Aksiniks, Bound by Honor
Edited the page Emperor Calus
"Fixed a link and added reference tag on section that has no citations."
Edited the page Template:Lost Sectors
"Added Witch Queen Lost Sectors."
Edited the page Metamorphosis
"Created page for Metamorphosis Lost Sector."
Edited the page Sepulcher
"Created page for Sepulcher Lost Sector."
Edited the page Extraction
"Created page for Extraction Lost Sector."
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About me

I enjoy database stuff a bit too much. I'm always just trying my best but I came to this wiki with zero knowledge of any coding, so I'm bound to make mistakes along the way. When I notice I've made a mistake, I'll go through every similar article I've made and correct it, since it's my mess (hence why I have a lot of points quickly lol - it's a learning process!). Feel free to correct me if you ever see I've made a mistake and haven't noticed - and I'm always open to advice, just no hostility please :)

I mostly work on Weapon, Ghost, Ship and Sparrow pages - adding missing ones and updating old ones.

Hobbies & interests

Destiny (obviously). Overwatch. Fortnite. Cyberpunk. Pokemon. Call of Duty. Cats. Music. Languages. Hiking.

Favorite Destiny moment

Too many to count!

Worst Destiny moment

Getting Atheon to 0.1% health on Master VoG then wiping. The tanks in Proving Grounds GM nightfall. Every encounter with screebs or exploder shanks. Juggernaut returning.

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