Rahndel, the Perfected

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Rahndel, the Perfected
Rahndel the Perfected 01.jpg
Biographical Information




Devil Splicers






Wrath of the Machine

Combat Information


SIVA Shrapnel Launcher


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Berserk Mode
Summon Splicers
Fallen Melee
Splicer Seeker


Rahndel, the Perfected is a Splicer Vandal encountered in the Wrath of the Machine Raid in the Server Farm. Rahndel is unusually resilient for a Reaver Vandal, owing to his original status as a regular Fallen Vandal with health several times more than what it should be.[1] The only way to spawn Rahndel is to complete the Siege Engine section of the Wrath of the Machine raid, but there is only a small chance that he will spawn inside the server farm after players descend father into the Splicer's lair, and there is not loot associated with killing him.


  • Rahndel is an easter egg reference to "Randal the Vandal", a notorious Level 8 Reaver Vandal found in the Forgotten Shore of the Cosmodrome next to a cave near the connection to The Grottos that was extremely difficult to kill due to a delayed spawning glitch that gave it the health of several Majors.[1]. This allowed "Randal" to survive seven Gjallarhorn shots, and even survive a direct hit from a Celestial Nighthawk empowered Golden Gun.[2] Other memetic nicknames for similarly glitched Fallen include: "Greg the Dreg" and "Hank the Shank".[3]


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