Valus Mau'ual

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"Tales of his skill in hand-to-hand combat on the Martian frontlines claim he carries no firearm into battle, preferring instead to charge headlong like a nimble boulder."
Grimoire description
Valus Mau'ual
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Shield Brothers


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High Durability
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Valus Mau'ual is a Cabal commander encountered in the Shield Brothers Strike. He is a bond-brother with both Primus Ta'aun and Valus Tlu'urn, and is part of the landing party aboard Dantalion Exodus VI, the warship that the Skyburners ram into the Dreadnaught. Either as a gambit to compel the Hive to surrender or to avenge the loss of Primus Ta'aun, Mau'ual and Tlu'urn breach the Dreadnaught's power core and threaten to destroy it, which would destroy the Hive vessel and take half of the Solar System with it. In battle, Valus Mau’ual's armor allows him a degree of maneuverability and speed unseen from other Cabal warriors and combined with his Solar-powered gauntlet, it makes him a dangerous adversary.


"Reports suggest Valus Mau’ual's armor allows him a degree of maneuverability unseen from other Cabal warriors. It features a never-before-seen propulsion system that improves on the Valus’s already considerable striking ability."
— Grimoire Description

Mau'ual and Tlu'urn aid each other in battle against a Guardian strike team; if Tlu'urn falls first, Mau'ual gains his Arc cannon and shield projector for the remainder of the battle. [1] Mau'ual uses his brother's cannon to even more devastating effect, as he can use it to fire homing missiles like those of a Colossus. However, he will still chase players down and leave Solar traps in his wake as his primary method of attack, so it is recommended that players kill Mau'ual first as to avoid the risk of running from both melee and ranged attacks.


  • There is a chance upon killing Mau'ual and completing the strike, you'll be rewarded the Titan gauntlets Mau'ual's Maulers.


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