Kaliks Reborn

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Kaliks Reborn
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Biographical Information




House of Wolves


Prime Servitor (acting)



Combat Information


Prison of Elders: Machine Wrath


Servitor Eye


Servitor Attack
Ether Consumption
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Summon Fallen
Swift Flight

"This machine is no god, but given fervent worship, even a shell can transcend."
— Grimoire description[1]

Kaliks Reborn is a Prime Servitor created by the House of Wolves to replace Kaliks Prime. Built from the parts of lesser servitors, Kaliks Reborn is fanatically worshipped by the Wolf inmates of the Prison of Elders.[1] Its Fallen servants are so dedicated to the long lost rule of Kaliks Prime, they would sacrifice their ether to the last fume, rather than see it destroyed.[1]


Kaliks fights like Sepiks Prime but with one added ability: it is supported by a group of Dregs called Archon Servants. Any Archon Servants that are not killed within thirty seconds of appearing are consumed by Kaliks and restore all of its health. Ensuring that all or most Archon Servants are killed is the key to bringing down Kaliks.[2]


  • Kaliks's faction is listed in the Killcam as House of Devils. It is unknown if this is a mistake or not.
  • The Archon Servants belong to the House of Kings. It is unknown if this is a mistake or not.
  • Kaliks is the only Servitor so far to not be exclusively blue, silver, and purple.
  • Kaliks' appearance could be what Kaliks Prime looks like, or an example.
    • It can proven, because most of Wolf High Servitors and the Wolf Pilot Servitors all look like Kaliks Reborn, and if Skolas supported the Kaliks Servitors, then the Wolf servitors we face may have been the Kaliks servitors, which means the Wolf Servitors probably look like the Prime.

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