Skolas, Kell of Kells

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Skolas, Kell of Kells
Biographical Information




House of Wolves






A Kell Rising
Queen's Ransom
Prison of Elders: Skolas's Revenge



Combat Information



  • In Queen's Ransom:
    Ultra Smash
    Summon Fallen
    High Durability
    Rapid Movement
  • In Skolas's Revenge:
    Ultra Smash
    Kaliks Minor Bonds
    Devouring Essence
    Summon Fallen
    High Durability
    Rapid Movement
"Listen to me, Wolf-born! Heed me, Whirlwind-scattered! I am the ghost of Cybele, the cunning claw of Iris, betrayed, chained, encrypted by the Queen, sent back from the Darkness to save us all! The days of Kell and House end now. The calendar of slavery and abasement goes to the fire. We are a new calendar! We are an age of beginnings! Each of us is a day!"

Skolas, Kell of Kells (formerly known as Skolas, the Rabid and Skolas, Wolf Kell) is a Fallen Captain who became Kell of the House of Wolves during the war against the Reef[2] and sought to unite all of the Fallen Houses under his rule.[1]


Skolas, the Rabid, a noble of the House of Wolves, emerged as one of three major contenders for the House's Kellship after Queen Mara Sov killed the previous Kell, Virixas, in the battle near Ceres known as the Scatter, where the Awoken annihilated half of the Wolves' numbers. Skolas secured a pyrrhic victory over Irxis, Wolf Baroness in the Eos Clash, and tricked the Awoken into eliminating Parixas, the Howling for him in the Battle of Iris. With his rivals gone, Skolas became Wolf Kell and rallied the remaining Wolves against the Awoken. In the end, due to betrayal by Variks, he was captured in the Cybele Uprising and incarcerated in the Prison of Elders.

The Queen later sent Skolas to the Nine as a gift, in an effort to placate them over sending the Crows into their territory in the search for Kaliks Prime.[3] However, due to a possible betrayal by the Nine,[2] Skolas was freed and returned to lead the House of Wolves in rebellion against the Queen.[4] He has ambitions of making himself ruler over all the Fallen houses, seeking to bring as many as he can under his control. [1] His ultimate goal is not just the destruction of the Reef that imprisoned him and his House, but also the fall of the City and the salvation of the Fallen race by reclaiming the Great Machine.[5]

Though Skolas was able to gain the support of the leaderless House of Winter on Venus, he was unable to gain the support of the House of Devils and House of Kings on Earth. He set the Silent Fang loose on Earth to kill opposing Devils, but a number of them were killed by Guardians. Skolas then sent one of his barons, Yavek, to negotiate terms with the Kell of Kings at King's Watch. The Kell of Kings instead sent two barons, Paskin and Vekis, not as ambassadors but as assassins. Prince Uldren speculated that nothing short of the Traveler calling Skolas by name would encourage the Kings to join him. However, before hostilities could occur between the Wolves and Kings, Guardians burst in and killed all three barons and their guards.

Infuriated by the interventions by the City, Skolas attempted to use Vex technology to further his goals, and his crews breached the Vault of Glass frequently, but his attempts to gain any significant Vex technology were foiled by Guardians. With his plans to gather the Houses in ruins and the Guardians closing in, Skolas made a final stand at the top of the Citadel where he uses Vex Time Gates to bring his House of Wolves from across time to combat the Guardians. With the help of Queen Mara Sov, he was captured and sentenced to the Prison of Elders. Before he was sent to the prison, Mara Sov, visited his cell where Skolas kept bellowing "Kell of Kells" and other nonsense. However as the Queen examined him, Skolas whispered something that Variks interpreted as "Light-Snuffer" and "Dark-binder", leading Queen Mara to believe a dark force was about to arrive.

After being sent once again to the Prison of Elders, Skolas gathered what followers he had left in the prison and challenged the Guardians who captured him. However, in the end Skolas' sentence was carried out as he was executed by the Guardians, leaving the Wolves without a Kell.

Personality and traits[edit]

"Skolas was vicious, even for a Fallen Kell. I could not stomach his hate."

Skolas is extremely prideful and vicious, even for a Kell. He is also quite delusional, according to Variks. He sees himself as fulfilling the prophecy from the House of Rain, in which he is said that any Guardian to face him will "flee or fall". It is also said that he will heal the Fallen houses and make them whole again. His failure at the Cybele Uprising drives him to near fanatical levels to succeed where others had failed, securing the future for his house and the Fallen race once and for all.[6] His failure again at the Terminus left him in a near catatonic state, at least until directly challenged by the Guardians.[7]


He is encountered several times in the House of Wolves expansion. He is first seen on Venus attempting to rally the House of Winter to his cause. He escapes before the player has the chance to stop him. He is encountered again in the Terminus, attempting to use Vex technology to secure the Wolves' power. The Guardian is sent by Petra Venj to stop him before he could pull the entire house through time. Skolas is armed with a Shrapnel Launcher and is capable of teleporting across the map to land an Ultra Smash. However, he is eventually pinned down and captured by the player, and sent to the Prison of Elders.

Skolas is the final boss of the level 35 Prison of Elders challenge, Skolas's Revenge. He retains his teleportation and ground smash capabilities, but this time around, he is armed with a Scorch Cannon, a Fallen rocket launcher capable of killing a Guardian in just a couple of shots at any range. In addition, Skolas is supported by a pair of Servitors, named Kaliks Minor, who increase his defense significantly until one of them is destroyed, after which players can deal normal damage to him. When Skolas reaches a certain health threshold, the bonds will be permanently broken, which causes him to cast a debuff called Devouring Essence upon any random Guardian in the area. They will have thirty seconds to share the debuff with other players or they will die. If this debuff is not attended to at all, the fireteam will wipe.


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