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Akarasis, Archon of Stone
Basic information
Real name



Stoneship Arkalliks-Fel


Eliksni Homeworld


Archon of the House of Stone

Places I've lived

The homeworld is gone, this wretched system is where fate has driven us.


Lost to the Whirlwind

About me

“They don’t remember our civilization — before the Whirlwind. Before everything was taken from us. All they know, and have known is this solar system. They don’t know of the home world, the many great Houses. They don’t know of Chelchis, my Kell, who died for our people. They don’t know of our once mighty fleets that protected our worlds. They know nothing of our former glory.” — Akarasis

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"Darkblades are shown to now be apart of the Hidden Swarm in the Shadowke..."
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Edited the page Hive axe
Edited the page Hive axe
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Don’t change my bloody edits. I kept the fallen leadership for a reason.


Hello Akarasis, seen you a couple of times, um, just to let know (if you may not notice...I feel stupid saying this) but if you want to make some fan Fiction, they're in Forum:Fan Fiction.