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Basic information
Real name



Stoneship Arkalliks-Fel


Eliksni Homeworld


Archon of the House of Stone

Places I've lived

The homeworld is gone, this wretched system is where fate has driven us.


Lost to the Whirlwind

Recent activity
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"No. Absolutely not. Got put this in the Fanfic-section. This doesn’t b..."
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Edited the page Forum:Urlok’ulan, Traitor of the Logic
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Bro if it saids savathûn and xivu are knights and wizards then add then to the class list



Come on, I'm just adding its appearances.


Don’t change my bloody edits. I kept the fallen leadership for a reason.


Hello Akarasis, seen you a couple of times, um, just to let know (if you may not notice...I feel stupid saying this) but if you want to make some fan Fiction, they're in Forum:Fan Fiction.