Suraya Hawthorne

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Suraya Hawthorne
Suraya Hawthorne.jpg
Biographical information


Earth (The Last City)





Hair color:

Dark Brown

Eye color:


Political and military information


Guardians, Vanguard, The Last City


Civilian Sniper



Notable info:

Aided in establishing The Farm
Aids the recovery effort of the Guardians
Provides additional missions for Guardians

"We've had to survive without the Light all our lives."
—Suraya Hawthorne[1]

Suraya Hawthorne[2] is a human female sniper who left the Last City as a teenager to seek a new purpose. By the events of Destiny 2, in the wake of the Red Legion invasion, she has discovered a way to lead humanity into an improved way of life.[3] She has taken up residence in the newly established Farm in the European Dead Zone, working closely in conjunction with the Vanguard throughout the Red War.


"Are you sure you're not one of my Hunters?"
"Not really into capes.
Cayde-6 and Hawthorne[1]

Hawthorne is a woman with a fair complexion, sporting a circular pattern of dots atop her face. She is shown to be very ambitious, earned through years of surviving on her own without the Light, able to stand her ground against the Cabal. She has a companion hawk named Louis.[1]

Suraya possess a conflicted view of the Last City and the Guardians; while she respects the Guardians for their abilities and their priority of defending people, she finds the City and its walls to be equivalent of a prison as she has enjoyed the open freedom of the wild. While she aided the survivors of the Last City and the crippled Guardians, she was originally against the idea of reclaiming the City or even going against enemy forces, preferring to protect those at the Farm.


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