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Guardians wielding Stasis

Stasis is an elemental manifestation of the Darkness, in an equivalent manner as Arc, Solar and Void are elemental manifestations of the Light. It is related to cold, and more precisely to the cessation of movement on a macroscopic and atomic level. It is first introduced in the expansion Beyond Light as the first of Darkness-based subclasses.


Stasis was first encountered by Clovis Bray I when he was called to Europa after communing with the Anomaly. Clovis found he was unable to wield it himself and instead made extensive notes upon it as well as Clarity Control in his journal.

According to Shaw Han, the Darkness used Stasis in The Collapse to kill many humans. This is the reason he is fervently against Guardians wielding it as a weapon.

After the second arrival of the Pyramids in the Sol System, Eramis, the Shipstealer obtained the ability to wield Stasis through the use of a Splinter of Darkness. With the help of Praksis, the Technocrat she was able to extend the use of Stasis to several other members of the House of Salvation. The Fallen house would go on to experiment with Stasis themselves, culminating in the creation of Salvation's Grip which was later located by the Drifter and stolen by the Guardian.

After arriving on Europa, the Exo Stranger, the Drifter, and Eris Morn would all learn to wield Stasis. Later, the Guardian would also be granted the power of Stasis, first through using a stolen Splinter and later by calling upon the Darkness within themselves. The Exo stranger would go on to help them further understand stasis using Clovis' journals and encouraged them to introduce the power to other Guardians. However, the Vanguard leadership, primarily Zavala, hold ill-feelings about Guardians wielding powers that came from that which brought about the Collapse. Though Zavala understood the reasoning of wielding Stasis against Eramis and her forces as "fighting fire with fire", he concluded that Guardians cannot compromise with the Darkness, thereby making it a policy to ban Guardians from using Stasis. Despite this policy proclamation, Guardians continue to learn and wield the power of Stasis in their efforts to save the Solar System from suffering another Collapse.

Season of the Lost[edit]

With Xivu Arath's forces hunting her sister down, some of the Humanity's enemies linked directly to the darkness, namely Taken and Scorn, have been seen utilizing Stasis as well, With some of the Taken Acolytes and Knights using Boomers that leave behind stasis fields on impact, and Scorn Ravagers wielding Stasis Censer instead of their typical Solar Censer.


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  • According to Bungie, the crystals formed by Stasis are not simply ice.[1]