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Stasis Symbol

"Stasis is the element of will and control. It slows, detains, and shatters. It was our first step into Darkness, and taught us the universe is not as black and white as it first seemed."
— Osiris[1]

Stasis is an elemental manifestation of the Darkness alongside Strand. It is related to cold and the concept of the reduction of entropy, and more precisely to the ending of movement on a macroscopic and atomic level; slowing, detaining, and then shattering. In keeping with the Darkness' connection with thoughts and consciousness, it also embodies the concepts of will and control, and to wield and master it requires someone to exercise ultimate authority over both oneself and others, lest destruction run wild.[1] It is first introduced in the expansion Beyond Light as the first of Darkness-based Subclasses.


Stasis was first encountered by Clovis Bray I when he was called to Europa after communing with the Anomaly. Clovis found he was unable to wield it himself and instead made extensive notes upon it as well as Clarity Control in his journal.

In Shadowkeep, Eris Morn gained Stasis by communing with the statue in the Lunar Pyramid. Finally, the Exo Stranger gained Stasis from the Pyramid on Europa, shortly before the events of Beyond Light.

After the return of the Black Fleet, Eramis, Kell of Darkness gained the ability to wield Stasis through the use of a Splinter of Darkness. With the help of Praksis, the Technocrat, she was able to extend the use of Stasis to other leading members of the House of Salvation. The Fallen House would go on to experiment with Stasis, culminating in the creation of Salvation's Grip which was later located by the Drifter and stolen by the Guardian.

In Beyond Light, the Guardian gained the power of Stasis, first through a Splinter given to them by the Stranger, and then by drawing upon the Darkness within themselves. The Stranger would go on to help them further understand Stasis using Clovis' journal and encouraged them to introduce the power to other Guardians. However, the Vanguard leadership, primarily Zavala, holds ill feelings about Guardians wielding powers that come from that which brought about the Collapse. Though Zavala understood the reasoning of wielding Stasis against Eramis and her forces as "fighting fire with fire", he concluded that Guardians cannot compromise with the Darkness, thereby making it a policy to ban Guardians from using Stasis. Despite this policy proclamation, Guardians continue to learn and wield the power of Stasis in their efforts to save the Solar System from suffering another Collapse.

Season of the Lost[edit]

With Xivu Arath hunting her sister down, some of Humanity's enemies linked directly to the Darkness, namely Taken and Scorn, have been seen utilizing Stasis as well, with some powerful Taken using Boomers that leave behind slowing fields on impact, and Scorn Ravagers wielding Stasis Censers instead of their typical Solar Censer.




Behemoth Titans can use Stasis to summon a Stasis gauntlet that can be slammed into the ground to create a large area of freezing Stasis crystals known as Glacial Quake.

Revenant Hunters use Stasis to summon two Stasis kamas thrown in quick succession, known as Silence and Squall. Silence creates a small area of freezing, and Squall creates a roaming Stasis storm that slows and damages enemies caught inside.

Shadebinder Warlocks can manifest a staff out of Stasis to send out barrages of freezing Stasis shards and create shockwaves that shatter all frozen targets. This Super is known as Winter's Wrath.


Common effects of Stasis subclasses are:

  • Stasis Shard – A small shard of Stasis matter that can be collected to restore melee energy.
  • Stasis Crystal – A crystal of solidified Stasis matter. Upon creation, freezes nearby combatants and slows nearby players. Crystals can be destroyed, dealing damage in an area.
    • Stasis Crystals come in two sizes: small, around waist height, and large taller than a player. These sizes change the freezing radius and amount of damage dealt on destruction.
  • Frost Armor – You are fortified by layers of durable Stasis matter, reducing incoming damage. Frost Armor damage resistance grows stronger as you gain additional stacks.
  • Slow – The target has slowed movement, slowed ability regeneration and reduced weapon performance Slowed combatants have difficulty firing accurately and OverloadS.png Overload Champions are stunned. After accumulating enough Slow stacks, the target is frozen.
    • A slowed player will see their visuals darkened and tinged in blue
  • Freeze - The target is trapped in Stasis matter and is unable to move. After taking additional damage while frozen, the target shatters.
    • Players can break out of freezing by using the appropriate button, taking a small amount of damage.
  • Shatter – When a frozen target is shattered, they take damage and deal damage in an area around them. Shatter damage causes UnstoppableS.png Unstoppable Champions to be stunned.


Stasis grenades are accessible to all classes.

  • Glacier Grenade: A grenade that creates walls out of Stasis crystals to block damage and freeze targets; these walls can be shattered for damage.
  • Duskfield Grenade: A grenade that shatters on impact, leaving behind a field that slows targets and freezes those who do not leave the volume.
  • Coldsnap Grenade: A grenade that freezes on impact and sends another seeker to find and freeze targets.


Shared effects that can be exchanged to customize the powers of a subclass. Stasis Fragments are initially obtained from the Exo Stranger on Europa.

  • Whisper of Bonds: Defeating frozen targets with weapons grants super energy. -10 Intellect.
  • Whisper of Chains: While you are near frozen targets or a friendly Stasis crystal, you take reduced damage from targets. +10 Recovery.
  • Whisper of Conduction: Nearby Stasis shards track to your position. +10 Intellect; +10 Resilience.
  • Whisper of Durance: Increases the duration of slow effects and those with lingering effects also last longer. +10 Strength.
  • Whisper of Fissures: Increases the damage and burst radius of Stasis when you destroy a Stasis crystal or defeat a frozen target.
  • Whisper of Fractures: Your melee energy recharges faster when you are near two or more targets. -10 Discipline.
  • Whisper of Hedrons: Dramatically increases weapon stability, aim assist, airborne effectiveness, mobility, resilience, and recovery after freezing a target with Stasis. -10 Strength.
  • Whisper of Hunger: Increases the melee energy gained from picking up Stasis shards. -20 Strength.
  • Whisper of Impetus: Damaging targets with a Stasis melee reloads your stowed weapons and grants you a temporary boost to weapon ready speed. +10 Resilience.
  • Whisper of Refraction: Defeating a slowed or frozen enemy provides class ability energy.
  • Whisper of Rending: Primary ammo weapons do increased damage to Stasis crystals and frozen targets.
  • Whisper of Rime: Collecting a Stasis shard grants a small amount of overshield, which falls off after 10 seconds. Collecting additional shards adds to the overshield and refreshes the timer.
  • Whisper of Shards: Shattering a Stasis crystal boosts your grenade recharge rate; shatter additional crystals to increase the duration of the effect.
  • Whisper of Torment: You gain grenade energy each time you take damage from targets.


Stasis damage is rare among enemies. Powerful Fallen of the House of Salvation can use Stasis abilities in the form of Duskfield and Coldsnap Grenades, ranged freezing Stasis Blasts, or waves of Stasis crystals. The only common ranged Stasis weapon is the Stasis Boomer wielded by some Taken, while the only common melee weapon is the Stasis Censer used by Scorn Ravagers. That said, these attacks always have additional effects beyond their elemental damage, being capable of slowing and freezing the player. Omen Subjugators and Attendant Psions are able to use Stasis attacks that slow and freeze targets.


Stasis Subclasses

Stasis in Combat

Stasis used by Fallen

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  • According to Bungie, the crystals formed by Stasis are not simply ice.[2]
  • If counting the timelines the Exo Stranger has lived through previously, she is currently the first known wielder of Stasis in the Destiny series.

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