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"...three words, nine word bursts over and over..."
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An active Suppressor. Note the slight distortion caused by its presence.

Suppressors are devices originating from the Black Fleet used to suppress paracausal abilities, as well as in some cases equipment relying on conventional physics. They were used extensively by the Shadow Legion during the invasion of Neomuna. They are similar in design to the Radial Mast and in function to the Light-suppressing technology developed by Dominus Ghaul.


Suppressors are hollow, box-shaped devices consisting of two halves with a golden armature-like projection on the top half. Inside the hollow interior is a seemingly abstract shape made of a golden metallic substance, somewhat resembling a set of vertebrae. When active, the device hovers above the ground, and emits a regular beeping sound followed by an intangible wave. Creatures that wield heavy paracausal powers experience nausea-like effects, distorted vision, and inability to use most of their powers.

Suppressors were successful in blocking the known powers of The Guardian, the Light and Stasis, but when the Lightbearer learned to better use the power of Strand, they found that the devices were not tuned to suppress it, and were able to use their new abilities to destroy them.

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