Clarity Control

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"Clarity Control", as it was named by Clovis Bray I, is an artifact or entity located in the Deep Stone Crypt on Europa. It is associated with the Darkness, which Clovis referred to as "Clarity".


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Clarity Control is a statue of a veiled figure, identical in appearance to those found on the Black Garden, Lunar Pyramid, and Europan Pyramid, which was discovered by Clovis Bray I in the late-Golden Age. Clarity Control was used to combine Darkness (referred to as "Clarity" by Clovis I) with Vex Radiolaria to create Alkahest, a primary ingredient in the creation of the Exo. Clarity Control, in Clovis I's words, is the source of Clarity.


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Clovis Bray I discovered Clarity Control somewhere on Europa, after the K1 anomaly told Clovis to go to Europa. Clarity Control had a "violent reaction" to Clovis Bray teams attempting to move it. Eventually they did move it, however, and stored it in the Deep Stone Crypt.