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Clarity Control
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Rathmore Chaos, Europa

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House of Salvation

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Morning Star


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Clarity Control, as it was named by Clovis Bray I, is an ancient Pyramid statue of an unknown entity located in the Deep Stone Crypt on Europa. It is affiliated with the the Witness and its collective connection to Darkness, which Clovis referred to as Clarity.


"I wonder why Clarity Control chose the particular aspect it did. That form, that face. The same visage as the precursor on Earth's moon. What is it meant to communicate? Is it a message particularly meant for me?"
Clovis Bray I

Clarity Control is an enormous statue of a veiled figure identical in appearance to those found in the Black Garden, the Lunar Pyramid, and the Europan Pyramid. Unlike these others, which seem to be merely inanimate statues, Clarity Control exhibits slight movement: the lower folds of its cloak move slowly, and its chest region rises and falls in a way that suggests that it is breathing. The figure is suspended in midair, and appears to be surrounded by a forcefield that selectively repels certain objects, such as fallen snow and ice; the tunnel in which it is located suffered a cave-in at some point, but an ovoid volume around the figure remains clear of debris.

During the Guardian's Raid of the Deep Stone Crypt, Clovis Bray described Clarity Control as "an entity from beyond our own dimension."


The origins and nature of Clarity Control are unclear; analyses conducted by Clovis Bray I suggest that it arrived on Europa around 20 years before its discovery during the late Golden Age.

Discovery by Clovis Bray[edit]

In communing with the alien artifact known as the K1 Anomaly on the Moon, Clovis Bray I received instructions to go to Europa, where he would find a power he termed "Clarity" that would grant him the secret of immortality. Clovis traveled to Europa and found what he believed to be the source of Clarity: a veiled, seemingly feminine figure apparently carved out of onyx-like stone, which Clovis named "Clarity Control." Attempts to move the figure from its location by Braytech research teams triggered a "violent reaction", resulting in the deaths of nineteen researchers; although the details of what transpired are unclear, Clovis noted that there were many more than nineteen bodies after the incident had taken place, which Clovis interpreted as Clarity attempting to convey a theme of "duplication." Unable to move Clarity Control, the Clovis Bray team on Europa instead built a facility around the entity, which would become known as the Deep Stone Crypt.

During subsequent studies of Clarity Control, one member of a research group heard a voice coming from the entity, apparently speaking in the voice of the researcher's mother. Upon approaching the figure, the researcher and all other members present were killed by Clarity Control through unknown means. While one of Clovis' employees recommended quarantining the area, Clovis instead had new personnel sent in to see if they could hear the figure and understand what it was saying.[1]

Similarly to his experience with the K1 Anomaly, Clovis I heard whispers coming from Clarity Control, which he interpreted as instructions to build a Vex gate. Using a captive Vex stolen from the Ishtar Collective, Clovis constructed a gate which led to 2082 Volantis, a blue hypergiant system that had been completely dominated by the Vex. Some time later, Clovis found that exposing Vex radiolaria to the paracausal force emanating from the figure resulted in a substance which could solve the "loop/billboard/crash" problem that plagued his prototype exominds. This substance, which Clovis termed "Alkahest", became an essential component in the production of Exos.


  • This statue has a drastically different appearance than the other statues as it is much bigger, not backed by a black monolith and is free floating in the air.
  • It is possible see inside the statue by looking up while directly under it.
  • On close inspection the statue's veil appears to be flowing and expanding/contracting as if it is breathing. Chanting in a unknown language can also be heard (this same chanting can also be heard throughout the Garden of Salvation Raid, The Mysterious Artifact aboard the Lunar Pyramid and even when approaching the Ziggurat.)