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Clarity Control
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Rathmore Chaos, Europa

Enemy factions:

House of Salvation

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Morning Star

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"Clarity Control", as it was named by Clovis Bray I, is an artifact or entity located in the Deep Stone Crypt on Europa. It is associated with the Darkness, which Clovis referred to as "Clarity".


"I wonder why Clarity Control chose the particular aspect it did. That form, that face. The same visage as the precursor on Earth's moon. What is it meant to communicate? Is it a message particularly meant for me?"
Clovis Bray I

Clarity Control is a veiled figure, identical in appearance to those found in the Black Garden, the Lunar Pyramid, and the Europan Pyramid. Unlike these others, which seem to be merely inanimate statues, Clarity Control exhibits slight movement: the lower folds of its cloak move slowly, and its chest region rises and falls in a way that suggests that it is breathing. The figure is suspended in midair, and appears to be surrounded by a forcefield that selectively repels certain objects, such as fallen snow and ice; the tunnel in which it is located suffered a cave-in at some point, but an ovoid volume around the figure remains clear of debris.

During the Guardian's Raid of the Deep Stone Crypt, Clovis Bray described Clarity Control as "an entity from beyond our own dimension."


The statue had arrived on Europa roughly twenty years before Clovis Bray's discovery buried beneath the icy surface. Attempts to move Clarity Control from its location would instead trigger a "violent reaction" to Braytech research teams, resulting in the deaths of nineteen researchers. Instead, the Clovis Bray corporation decided to build their facility surrounding the statue itself, which then became the Deep Stone Crypt.

Clarity Control was used to combine Darkness (referred to as "Clarity" by Clovis I) with Vex Radiolaria to create Alkahest, a primary ingredient in the creation of the Exo. Clarity Control, in Clovis I's words, is the source of Clarity.


  • This statue has a drastically different appearance that the other statues as it is much bigger, not backed by a black monolith and is free floating in the air.
  • It is possible see inside the statue by looking up while directly under it.
  • On close inspection the statue's veil appears to be flowing and expanding/contracting as if it is breathing. Chanting in a unknown language can also be heard (this same chanting can also be heard throughout the Garden of Salvation Raid, The Mysterious Artifact aboard the Lunar Pyramid and even when approaching the Ziggurat.)