Agatha Fältskog

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Agatha Fältskog
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"We took your proposal and ran with it. We've distilled and condensed enough nutrients and proteins down to a single pill that should eliminate the need for sustenance within your average patient for 10 years."
— Fältskog reporting to Clovis I on her project

Agatha Fältskog was a scientist who worked for Clovis Bray as a researcher on the Morning Star orbital facility above Europa.


Fältskog was assigned by Clovis Bray I to develop a pill that would eliminate the need for humans to eat for nutrients and subsistence. She and her team developed a single pill with enough proteins and nutrients that would fulfill the users dietary needs for ten years. After giving the pill to five test subjects, Fältskog invited Clovis I to her lab to view the results. He was pleased with her progress and expressed his hope that they could increase that timespan, as he believed eating took up too much of his time. However, when they began questioning the subjects on how they felt they all reported feeling too full and were becoming uncomfortable. Fältskog denied their request to go to the bathroom until the interview was through, but the subjects stomachs began expanding. Clovis I demanded she fix the situation, but Fältskog told him she could not. They watched in horror as all the patients exploded and Fältskog was left by Clovis I to clean up the mess and with orders to never summon him to witness such a disgusting event again.[1]

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