BrayTech Osprey

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BrayTech Osprey
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Production overview



Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Rocket Launcher

Min-max magazine:



Ammunition type:


Rate of fire:

15 RPM




"Expected Use Timeframe: UNKNOWN."
— Weapon description

BrayTech Osprey is a Legendary Rocket Launcher that could be acquired from the Nightfall version of the Strange Terrain Strike. In Season of Arrivals, it was given to players by Ana Bray after completing her portion of the Exodus quest as the strike was due to be vaulted. In Season of the Deep, it was re-issued as part of Nightfall loot pool, including an adept version for Grandmasters


  • High-Impact Frame: Slow-firing and high-damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights.
  • Selectable Perk 1:
    • Linear Compensator: This weapon's launch barrel is well-balanced. Slightly increases projectile speed. Slightly increases blast radius. Slightly increases stability.
    • Quick Launch: This weapon's barrel provides faster projectiles and much faster aiming. Greatly increases handling speed. Increases projectile speed.
    • Countermass: This weapon is weighted for vertical recoil. Greatly controls recoil. Increases stability. Increases handling speed.
  • Selectable Perk 2:
    • High-Velocity Rounds: This weapon's projectiles are particularly light and quick. Increases projectile speed. Increases reload speed.
    • Implosion Rounds: This weapon's projectiles travel faster and have a controlled explosion. Increases projectile speed. Greatly increases stability. Decreases blast radius.
    • Alloy Casing: Reduces weight for faster reloads. Greatly increases reload speed. Decreases stability.
  • Cluster Bomb: Rockets spawn cluster bombs upon detonation.


"Did you find anything strange about the latest Warmind hashes?"
"Not really. What's the issue?"
"Something just seems off. What kind of enemy is this intended for?"
"Isn't that the whole point of the Warmind? It knows better than we do. We just do what it tells us to do."
"And you're okay with that?"
"Heck yeah! My job's never been easier. I have more time for the kids."
"Take this seriously. We're building weapons here, not toys."
"You worry too much."

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