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This article is about the corporation. For the person who founded it, see Clovis Bray I.
Clovis Bray (corporation)
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Blind Watch, Dust Palace, Freehold, Site 6, Skyline, BrayTech Futurescape, Mindlab: Rasputin, Bray Exoscience, Deep Stone Crypt, Morning Star, Eventide


Exoscience corporation [1]


Mechanical testing/engineering, technical research, energy annex, and loading/unloading


Clovis Bray I
Clovis Bray II
Dr. Willa Bray
Alton Bray


"Father didn't have employees. Or assistants. And for that matter, he didn't have heroes either. Every person, living or lost, was a collaborator, and that included his children."
Clovis Bray II[2]

Clovis Bray (abbreviated as C.B. in its logo)[3] was a Golden Age exoscience corporation founded by Clovis Bray I.[4] Clovis Bray I himself and his progeny, the House Bray, played key roles in the corporation's research and technological advancements, including the development of engrams, SIVA, the Warmind Rasputin and the creation of Exos. Having vast resources at its disposal, the corporation built a number of research installations across the Solar System.


Clovis Bray was responsible for the construction of the Dust Palace on Mars as well as assisting in the funding and subsequent construction of Freehold.[5] The Crucible map Blind Watch is located atop an old Clovis Bray facility on the outskirts of the city,[6] and Skyline is situated within the Clovis Bray Health Center.[7] The corporation also helped fund a colony and create laboratories and factories in the frozen moon of Europa during the Golden Age. After the Collapse, the Fallen House of Salvation started looting the ruins of Clovis Bray colony and laboratories.


The organization was responsible for a number of cutting-edge scientific and technological breakthroughs throughout Golden Age including "Transmission" and SIVA. While Transmission was intended to enhance the strength, speed, and intelligence of prospective colonists using nanomachines, SIVA used nanomachines to break down matter and reconstitute it in order to rapidly construct entire cities. With the Transmission project eventually being shuttered after it caused unforeseen side-effects in test subjects, Clovis Bray focused entirely on SIVA, which was subsequently completed and approved for deployment.[8] During SIVA's development, Dr. Zarin Shirazi's confidence in SIVA's capabilities led her to neglect adding safety measures such as a kill switch. Following an incident where a test subject was made mute by the effects of SIVA, however, Zarin resolved to propose a failsafe for future nanotech development.[9] Upon SIVA's completion, the first SIVA replication chamber, Site 6, was built within the Cosmodrome in order to outfit the colony ships.[10]

Following the visions given to him by the Darkness, Clovis Bray I founded a colony on Europa: the city of Eventide and a facility by the name of Bray Exoscience devoted to the Exo program. The researchers picked to work there had little care about ethics and the studies conducted often led to the deaths of some or all test subjects involved. Through the use of a Vex gate the company was able to collect radiolaria, which, exposed to the artifact of Darkness kept by Clovis on a space station orbiting the moon, allowed him to finally overcome the issue of Dissociative Exomind Rejection plaguing the first Exos. The gate became a problem when the Vex began spilling out of it and assaulting the colony, leading to many casualties. The facility was eventually shut down by Elisabeth Bray and Clovis-43.

By the time of the City Age, the work and surviving records of Clovis Bray had attained a near-mythical reputation, with some going so far as to assert that the corporation single-handedly sustained the Golden Age and was an epitome of innovation.[11] During the Owl Sector's investigation of the Transmission incident, however, previously suppressed Clovis Bray records were uncovered, revealing the conglomerate to be more reckless in their pursuit of new advances than previously assumed.[12]


Clovis Bray and its subsidiaries manufactured numerous firearms during the Golden Age, many of which have survived into the City Age.

Auto Rifle Pulse Rifle Scout Rifle Sidearm Sniper Rifle Sword Rocket Launcher
Seven Seraphs
Auto Rifle Hand Cannon Machine Gun Shotgun Sidearm Submachine Gun
Deep Stone Crypt
Hand Cannon Machine Gun Scout Rifle Shotgun Sniper Rifle Sword

Known facilities[edit]


House Bray

SIVA Project

Eventide Research Colony



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