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Elsie Bray
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Clovis Bray
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Doctor Elsie Bray was a member of House Bray. She worked for her family's corporation as a starship and weapons engineer, but disappeared in the years before the Collapse.


Elsie designed at least two starships for Clovis Bray: the Eon Trespass and the Shadow Trespass. She completed work on the Eon Trespass three years before her disappearance,[1] and attended the naming ceremony of the Shadow Trespass, which she designed with panels that helped it avoid detection by other ship's sensors.[2]

Along with her sister Willa and adopted sister Ana, Elsie worked at the BrayTech Futurescape in the Hellas Basin on Mars. Although she primarily worked in weapons research and development, she assisted other BrayTech scientists working on the Sn0-armor project.[3] After discovering Ana was working on a prototype line of scout rifles, Elsie looked over her work and was pleased by the progress her sister was making. She returned the rifle to Ana and told her that only she could finish the design.[4]


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