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Aspect of Influence
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Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen

Quest giver:

Exo Stranger


Destroy Entropic Shards on Europa, locate Clovis Bray's secret research and strengthen your Stasis powers.


Bleak Watcher (Shadebinder)
Grim Harvest (Revenant)
Howl of the Storm (Behemoth)


Aspect of Influence is a Destiny 2 quest introduced in Season of the Chosen, which Beyond Light Season Pass owners could acquire during that season.[1] Completion of the quest unlocks an new aspect for their Stasis subclasses.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
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The Stranger sighs with relief upon your approach. "It appears, as usual, that when it comes to the secrets of Clovis, there are always more hidden away.

"The old man was… is, rather, nothing if not insanely overprotective. As such, we cannot access it without a potency of Darkness energy.

"Fortunately for us, there's been a surge of just such an energy within the twisted caverns of the Vex here on Europa.

"Take the Skeleton Key and investigate the surge. If I'm right, it should give us what we need to unlock a further understanding of Stasis."

Step 1: The Encroaching Dark[edit]

Investigate the appearance of Entropic Shards in the Well of Infinitude.

  • Darkness investigated

Darkness flows from an Infinite Well.


To progress the quest, Guardians are required to destroy six new Entropic Shards at the Well of Infinitude with Salvation's Grip. After that, a Crux of Darkness will spawn and several waves of Vex will appear to claim its power, including an Ultra-leveled Wyvern Exemplar. Destroy it to complete the quest step.

Step 2: The Encroaching Dark[edit]

Complete the Heroic Exo Challenge.

  • Mission completed

"The Vex attempted to claim the Darkness energy you needed, and as expected, failed in the face of your might.

"Now that it's in your hands, it must be used to uncover further Stasis research done by Clovis. It appears he hid this research within his most treacherous Exo Challenges.
— The Exo Stranger


Players must complete a Heroic-difficulty Exo Challenge, complete with modifiers and Champions. Once finished, receive the empowered Skeleton Key for the final step.

Step 3: The Encroaching Dark[edit]

Return with the empowered Skeleton Key to the Ziggurat in Beyond.

  • Ziggurat visited

"Recovering Clovis's research from the Exo Challenge was a success. Now that we have it, we must return to the Ziggurat and commune once again with the Darkness.

You know what to do, Guardian.
— The Exo Stranger


Commune with the Ziggurat to unlock the third Stasis subclass aspect and complete the quest.

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