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Exo Stranger
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The Exo Stranger is an Exo that roams the wild. Her purpose and intentions are unknown, but she appears to be interested in the player's activities and keeps tabs on them when they venture outside of the City. She is first seen watching as the player escapes from the Cosmodrome.[1]. During the sixth Story Mission, she is spotted by the player, looking down at them from the rocks that line the edge of the gorge where they are attempting to gain entrance to the Temple of Crota.[2] When the player is about to enter the Chamber of Night to save the Traveler from a Hive ritual, she is able to send a transmission to them telling them they need to see her on Venus. There, she delivers a mysterious warning to the player.[3] She is the one who warns them about the imminent Vex threat, and that the only way to heal the Traveler is to destroy the heart in the Black Garden.

The Stranger appears to be working for an unknown faction who know more about the war against the Darkness than the Guardians do. She possesses much technology that even the Ghosts don't fully understand; she is capable of appearing and disappearing out of reality, and her rifle has parts that "shouldn't yet exist." [4]


The stranger appears in the following missions:

In the missions A Stranger's Call, she was talking to someone. The identity of that person or persons has yet to be revealed. Additionally, according to the flavor text of the last quest step in the "Not Forged From the Light" quest, Praedyth or his Ghost may have seen her at some point. This is implied to have been a recurring occurrence. While she is completely absent in the Taken King campaign, she plays a pivotal role in investigating the odd fate of Praedyth and the effects Oryx brought to the Vex. Eventually her rifle, not worn but enhanced by time itself, surfaces in the hands of the Future War Cult researchers as No Time to Explain, who give it to the Guardian. With contradictory clues on the rifle's origin, the truth behind it may never be known.


  • "Well fought… Many Guardians fell… … Strong ones… … But you made it here… … Don't let them find you…"[3]
  • "I wasn't talking to you, little Light" (speaking to the player's Ghost) [5]
  • "I believe where our paths cross, ground... could break."
  • "It doesn't matter who you were, only what you will become."
  • "Ah yes. The Awoken. Out there, wavering between the Light and the Dark. A side should always be taken, little Light... Even if it's the wrong side."
  • "I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."


  • The Exo Stranger is voiced by Lauren Cohan.
  • The Stranger appeared in the original storyline of Destiny. In this version, she was the assistant of Osiris.[6]
  • The Stranger's line "I don't even have time explain..." has become a meme in the Destiny community as a symbol of the base game's lack of coherent story.
  • It is implied in the Grimoire that Rasputin and the Exo Stranger may have met at some point.


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