Praksis, the Technocrat

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Praksis, the Technocrat
Biographical Information




House of Wolves (formerly)
House of Salvation


Splicer (Inferred)





Combat Information


Empire Hunt: The Technocrat


Shrapnel Launcher
Coldsnap Grenades
Duskfield Grenades


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Summon Shield Drones
Immunity Shield
Stasis Shield (Story)

"The Eliksni must update our approach if we are ever to rise. Either join us as we march toward progress… Or be swept aside with the vestigialities."
— Praksis.

Praksis, the Technocrat is a Fallen from the House of Salvation and one of the most trusted lieutenants for Eramis, Kell of Darkness. Praksis is a skilled Stasis wielder and is as lethal as loyal; who will stop at nothing to advance Eramis's cause.

He is responsible for creating the technology that allows House Salvation to wield Darkness and also has a fondness for the Vex and seeks to use them to improve Eliksni technology.[1] He lobbied to Eramis to use the Vex, so he can reverse engineer them and reassemble their parts into new technology.[2]


Much of Praksis's life was unknown before he was captured. A former member of the House of Wolves, he was placed in a cell next to Eramis, Kell of Darkness, whom he would later converse with for a majority of his incarceration in the Prison of Elders. During the mass breakout orchestrated by the Scorn, Praksis escaped with Eramis. Later, during the formation of the House of Salvation, he was invited to join by Eramis, which he accepted after a discussion in the prison which made him question his belief in the Traveler. After which Praksis arrived on Europa to find Eramis along with Phylaks, Kridis, Atraks, and to his suprise, Variks. After Variks stole a Splinter of Darkness, Praksis and his soldiers broke into Bray Exoscience and set up shop in Eternity. When the Guardian arrived to kill him, Praksis traveled to the main area of Eternity to try and fight off the Guardian, to which he failed, not only depraving the House of Salvation of a major leader, but also preventing any more of them from being empowered with Stasis.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Praksis is a consummate "mad scientist", obsessed with developing new technologies and gathering scientific data with little regard for ethics.

Variks, the Loyal was distrustful of Praksis as he thought he was too young and secretive, while also too self absorbed in his creations which were his legacy.[3][4]


Praksis is fought in The Technocrat mission. He will fire on his opponents with a Shrapnel Launcher, and will send them flying backward with an Ultra Smash should they get too close. He will also occasionally teleport in order to get a good shot at the player. Praksis also has the ability to conjure and throw Stasis grenades that can either generate a field that slows down and eventually freezes the player, or sends a wave of ice on impact to seek out and instantly freeze the player. When he has lost a significant portion of his health, Praksis will summon shield drones that will surround him in an immunity shield until they are all destroyed. The shield drones will hover stationary in different spots of the arena, and the number of them will increase the more health Praksis loses until he is defeated.



  • Praksis is voiced by Brian T. Delany.[5]
  • Praksis's title is the same as Kargen, the Technocrat.
  • Originally in the first trailer for Beyond Light, Praksis had blue eyes. However, his eyes became purple.
  • When the Guardian corners and defeats Praksis, he arrives by riding on a Shank, making him the second character to ride a Shank in Destiny 2, with the first being Cayde-6.
  • Praksis is the only male member of the dark council of Eramis, Kell of Darkness, with the rest being female.
  • When fighting Praksis, if the Guardian is an Exo, Praksis will ask "How does it feel to be where you were created?" in reference to the battle being fought in Bray Exoscience.

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