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Ketches are massive starships used by the Fallen that are capable of inter-system travel. The Fallen arrived on these ships in the wake of the Collapse, disembarking to pillage the remnants of human civilization.[2] The Awoken of the Reef also employ Ketches presumably captured from Fallen foes during the Reef Wars, as a number of Ketches in Reef livery participate in the battle against Oryx's Hive fleet over Saturn.[3] You can often distinguish a Ketches affiliation with a house by the colour of a line painted around the main engine (although, Ketches during Public Events, or a Ketch being deployed in gameplay, are shown to have a blue line, painted around the engine, instead of having the color of the House, it belongs to). In Destiny 2, Ketches were used by the House of Dusk's to fight against the Red Legion.[4]

Overview and Layout[edit]

The overall design of the Ketch falls in line with the organic nature of most of the architecture seen within Fallen culture. However given the current status of the Fallen as a species, they are often dirty and held together with pieces of metal that their crews come across. Also of note is the Ketch's status as a space ship, their purpose during the Eliksni's time with the Traveler has never been given and therefore what they were originally is still subject to speculation. Despite their condition, they still serve as capable warships for the Fallen and their power and resilence could be considered a clear sign of the Travelers influence on the Eliksni people.

Known Ketches[edit]


  • A "ketch" is a sailing craft with two masts, specifically a "main-mast" and a smaller "mizzen-mast".
  • Pilot Servitors are usually responsible for piloting Fallen Ketches.
  • The Vestian Outpost social space is made from the hull of a captured Ketch.
  • Ketches are potentially named after a Fallen House's Prime Servitor. An example would be Simiks-Fel, referring to Simiks Prime. The reference for Splicership Menkis-Syn is unconfirmed.
  • Ketches that are attached to a major Fallen House have the "-Fel" suffix, while possibly other Ketches belonging to Freelance fallen has the "-Syn" suffix. It's possible these are meant to differentiate whether a ship owes its allegiance to a Kell, or is commanded by a freelance Baron.
  • It is likely that the Wolfship Orbiks-Fel once belonged to Virixas, Kell of Wolves, until it met it's demise to the Queen's Harbinger attack. This victory is celebrated in the item description of Chain of Orbiks-Fel.
  • The Drifter is a abandoned Reef Ketch belonging to the House of Winter. It is possible that this Ketch was used to free Aksor, Archon Priest.
  • The House of Dusk have been seen to pilot 5 Ketches on various locations.
  • A idle Ketch can be spotted near the Tangled Shore, however it is unknown whether it belongs to the Spider's Crime Syndicate.
  • In the Beyond Light stasis trailer, a Ketch can be seen belonging to the House of Darkness.
  • The House of Exile deploy Ketches to initiate Public Events on the Moon. Other Houses such as the Devils, Winter and Dusk also do the same.
  • In the crucible map Memento, a unknown Ketch can be seen hovering above the European Dead Zone.


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