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"The sun's light purifies all it touches. Such is the gift of the Golden Gun. Its Light blesses those who stand with the wielder. And burns away foes foolish enough to stand against it."
Brother Vance
The Golden Gun ability.

Golden Gun is a Guardian super available to members of the Hunter class that use the Gunslinger subclass.[1]


"Summon a flaming pistol which disintegrates enemies with Solar Light."
— Ability Description

Golden Gun forms a Hand Cannon supercharged with Solar elemental energy, allowing it to deal an incredibly high amount of damage.[2] This ability expires after ten seconds or three shots[1]. Upgrades to this super increase accuracy and damage, cause targets to explode upon death, or speed up the Gun's recharge rate.


  • This ability was known as the "Ghost Gun" in a previous, pre-alpha build of the game.[3]
  • Known Golden Gun users include Cayde-6, Ana Bray, and Shin Malphur. Shin is one of the first to use this technique because we learn that he is the one who invented the technique.We know this because In the Lore card Message from Aunor 3 it tells us this "And I would not be surprised if the renegade who hunts the Shadows, the Hunter who forged the Golden Gun itself, was close behind."This tells us that Shin Malphur is chasing after the shadows of Yor.
  • In the trailer for the Dark Below expansion, at the last second in a scene the gun had the inscription "Tex Mechanica" was written on the side of it as an Easter Egg to The Last Word, the model on which it is based and the weapon of the man who pioneered the Golden Gun.
  • In Destiny 2, the Golden Gun changes appearance based on the skill tree picked. For Way of the Outlaw, the golden gun keeps its default appearance, that of The Last Word. For Way of the Sharpshooter, it resembles the legendary hand cannon, Eyasluna.


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