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Basic information
Real name

Samuel E. P.


Last City


Last City


September 9th, 2002


Crucible... and Gambit(don't tell the Vanguard)

About me

(Destinypedia, so you'll only get Destiny out of me.) Destiny veteran of all 5+ years. My father rented Destiny for PS3 from a Redbox, I played a little too. 11 or so at the time(geez, feels like forever ago). Then, my father gifted it to me the same Christmas. Bought Rise of Iron bundle for PS4 about the time released. Got Destiny 2 for my birthday, Forsaken for the next, bought Osiris and Warmind($10 each!) 2 days before.

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Personal information

Star Wars(all), MCU(all)


Star Wars(the Clone Wars, Rebels, Resistance)


Destiny Original Soundtracks(Forsaken, mostly)


Harry Potter(all), etc.

Video games

PS4: Destiny, 2(Duh, what'd you think, these wouldn't be here?), Star Wars Battlefront, 2, Helldivers, Marvel's Spiderman, PvZ Garden Warfare 2, Ratchet & Clank(all), Minecraft, Horizon: Zero Dawn, etc.




POPCORN, pasta(all, no alfredo), salmon, raspberries, bananas, Kettle Brand potato chips(all), etc. (Hey, on the User Profile page, this part only says "Snacks!" No, I don't just eat Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon whenever I feel like it!)


Root Beer, Sprite/Sierra Mist, Blue Milk

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

I don't know, so much to choose from. Ram-killing high-value targets with an Interceptor, that's up there. The Coming War was great, so cinematic. Forsaken is AWESOME, except for...

Worst Destiny moment

...Cayde dying. Once tried to climb the Archons Keep in the Plaguelands, got stuck under the area instead. Rode my Sparrow on an unending sea, looking up through the ground. Pretty cool, but had to leave.

Anything else

Projects: Creating and fixing D2 weapon pages.

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Sure thing! In the future you can do it too, just go to More actions -> Move :)


Yeah, that sounds nice. Unfortunately, I'm on vacation right now, and I'm contributing as much as I can when I have the chance. I can only do smaller edits on a small scale. But I'll be back in business on the 12th. If anything, you can give me the plan now, and I'll answer as soon as I can.


Yeah that would be cool to use, nanotech against microbial nanotech. But a little destiny physics thought here. What if you put Asher in a Well of Radiance while pumping up the vex arm with Arc energy? The main problem I find is damaging Asher's veins and what's left of his lungs in the process. He does have radioloriam cursing through him. And his lungs have been converged. He'd need a lung replacement and a blood transfusion going on right after. I'd love to solve the whole thing Medically because that would make the most sense. And THEN! We could use Exos to make him a new arm! YEAH!! 🤣👍


Yay! I'm a Warlock too~ I choose it on a whim, same with my race, Awoken. So when I started liking Asher and realized we are the same it made me fall in love with him more. I Love his tsundere outbursts. He is Defiantly one to push someone away more just to keep them safe. Especially if he cares for them. He struck my heart when he called me his "Dear Assisstant." I've done my best to live up to that name ever since.


Yeah! The Vex all live on Hot or Warm Climate planets. So I don't understand how Heat would work. Electricity maybe, it would be like fighting fire with fire. But it might injure Asher in the process.


Of Course!! I'd Love to share my theories with you!!


Just add it to the bottom of that page, similar to here.


Go for it, and I and others will help fix issues if needed.


Sure, you can create the pages! What do you need help with?